So what are you studying in university?

So what are you going to do after high school?  My answer was, “Umm, I’m going to go to post secondary.”  The funny thing was, by the time I finished grade 8,  I decided that I wasn’t going to post secondary or at least not university yet I still told people that was my plan.  I don’t know, what else was I suppose to say? “I’m going to find a low wage job” or “I don’t know.”

There are 2 common scenarios when one goes through the journey of university.

1) You know what you want to do and you know how to get there.  In this case this person probably chose a practical field to enter such as accounting and computer science.  You know, the degrees that have the highest chances of landing you a job.  That’s how it works.  If no one wants to do them and there is a demand then there is money to be made.

2) You walked into university not knowing what you wanted to do but thought you would figure it out after a year or two.  Chances are you will not figure it out.  Chances are you will end up graduating with a degree in the Arts and Humanities field.  You know, the degrees that have the highest chances of landing you no job.

What usually happens is that after your second year you feel it’s the point of no return.  You’ve gone half way and if you quit now, you get nothing except regret, money seemingly wasted and nowhere to go.  So you keep on going cause for another couple years you can still tell people you’re a university student who is going somewhere in life.  Plus you might figure out your major and your passion.  Inside you’re really scared you won’t figure it out but you feel there’s no hope without a university degree.

Once you’ve finished your third year there’s really no going back especially for nothing.  1st, 2nd and 3rd year of university mean nothing unless if you finish the 4th.  It’s like buying all the ingredients, cooking them, serving it on the plate and not being able to eat any of it.  No way.  You’re going to want to eat it even if it tastes like shoit.

There’s 1 type of employment that a general type degree can get you that will earn you a somewhat respectable income and we call them, teachers.  I know so many people who walked into university not knowing why they were there besides the fact it seemed like the right thing to do.  They didn’t want to feel like losers.  Having no real aspirations walking in, they still needed something walking out.  Who wants to say they spent 4 or 5 years of their life for not much while being crushed by student loans.  This is why most of the teachers that you had in elementary and high school sucked.  They were there mostly for the paycheque.

There are others I know who left university with an Arts and Humanities type degree and went on to get more education.  They know that degree isn’t going to do shoit for them so they end up getting into a field of study that has better potential for job prospects.  Others throw in the towel and just look for a regular job.

I’m not bashing a degree in the Arts and Humanities field but if that’s not what you want walking into university then you better know what you want, otherwise that is what you are probably going to get.