Temporary Rock Bottom

A downward trajectory in your current situation is always met with resistance but there’s sometimes a silver lining on the way down. One can only guess what might happen in the future but the past has been written and drawn for your viewing displeasure. At a rock bottom the view into one’s life so far can allow for a new perspective. While you’re laying there with nowhere to go you get to visit and revisit the past. Like a movie you’ve watched several times there’s always little parts you’ve missed.

Being forcibly released from what you have been accustomed to or believed is like a detox. All the things in your life that weren’t really important dissolve as time goes by while the gems that became covered on the way up show themselves to you again. There’s an appreciation for blue skies and smiles when you’ve withdrawn from the complexities that you thought were standard.

Sometimes rock bottom is an opportunity for a new and better life. Other times, when you don’t think it can get worse it might just mean that you’ve never had worse. Whether up, down or sideways it’s always temporary.
Daily Prompt: Temporary

Disrespecting a Buddhist Temple


There’s actually 3 Buddhist temples in my area and all of them are impressive. I haven’t explored the third one yet but I think this one may take the grand prize.


The one below talks about the origins of the original Buddha. He’s like the Asian version of Jesus.


I saw the sign afterwards that said no photography of the Buddha statues allowed. I think someone just made up that rule along the way rather than it being a sacred policy.


The guy on the horse is supposed to be God of Guan(Kwan). You may or may not have seen statues of him. He may or may not have been real but even if he was I’m sure he didn’t look that badass. No one looks that badass.

20151221_132436_resized_1 (1)

20151221_132445_resized_1 (1)20151221_132609_resized_1 (1)

Ya, I guess I can see how people would just jump on this thing. That’s a fierce looking deer. I would not go out looking to hunt these. It looks like they might breathe fire.


I don’t know who these guys are but I’m sure they got all the bitches in their time.


I wish this was my house. I would get all the bitches. Inside those doors are where the big guys stay.

20151221_132539_resized_1 (2)

I didn’t have the balls to take a picture of the inside but I guess someone else did or there was an exception to the rule that day. My jaw dropped when I was in there. Looking at this scene took my breath away. This picture doesn’t do it much justice.

This area and many others are open for the public to pray to the Buddhas. I’m not sure that praying to man-made statues does anything but if it makes you feel better then mission accomplished. It would be disrespectful if I jumped on the Buddha and sat on his lap but it would also be funny. Maybe? No? Okay.


Excuse the blurry photography. I felt criminal and rushed some of the shots. I really hope there’s no curse set upon me. I wouldn’t want to fuck with this guy either.


I guess that’s it for now. Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Buddhist Cribs. You can check out the first one by clicking the link below.

First Buddhist Temple

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

When most people ingest anything it’s almost always within a certain standard serving. 1 can of soda, 1 cigarette, 1 pill, etc. With unregulated drugs it’s typically the same idea except you are trying to achieve a certain feeling. For whatever reason, today I thought about trying out microdosing magic mushrooms. A standard dose is anywhere from 2 to 3 grams. I put about 1/5th of a gram in my tea and I can tell you that there are effects.

It’s a mild high but I knew I was definitely high when I felt the cravings to smoke a cigarette, drink some alcohol, write, listen to music. If someone microdosed you without you knowing you wouldn’t even think that much of it. You would probably just think you had some very strong green tea and would tell the world about how great green tea is. You could probably just microdose on a regular basis for the sake of enhancing your mood.

There’s really no rule on how much you should take in of anything. I’m glad they started making those smaller cans of soda but not so glad about those tall boy cans and I don’t know how anyone would want to drink a Super Big Gulp from 7-11.


Your Highness

Yes Master

The sign on the front door told me to go around to the back basement to deliver the parcel.  It was an old house and the guy who came out of it was older and bummish looking.  For whatever reason he had to tell me the story of how he just came back from some city in California after visiting his Master.  My brain executed a search for what ‘Master’ might have meant and the first result was a dominatrix but I didn’t think it was likely.

He went on to tell me that his Master was some Chinese dude who was supposedly a cross between The Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle.  After 20 some odd years of arthritis, his Master did some accupuncture on him that immediately cured him.  I guess I would call this guy my Master too if he did this for me.

The guy started going off about all this spiritual stuff.  He spoke about meditating and kept referring to the word ‘blessings.’   His Master was flying into Vancouver on that same day and he had to meet him at the airport.  I was thinking, wow, you must be special for this Master guy to give you so much of his time.

This Master person had some credentials under his belt.  He has written a bunch of books and 10 of them have been New York Times best sellers.  That’s pretty badass.  That’s why I was wondering how does this bum get so much attention from him.  Yes I am being judgmental but that’s what makes life fun.

He gave me one of the books by his Master and told me that it would help me solve my internal Rubik’s Cube and bring out blessings from my heart.   I told him I would read it and pass it on and he said, “no, that’s yours to keep.  If you know anyone who wants a copy just send them here.”  Sounds like a perverted scheme to me.  He probably has a thing for Chinese guys.  If I didn’t stop this guy from rambling he would have went on and on so I told him that I had to go or my Master will fire me.



Stuff around my home

Pretty bored these past couple of days and I don’t got much drive to do anything.  Freaking sounds like depression.  I really don’t think I’m depressed though.  I just don’t believe in anything.  Denial? I think the list of symptoms of depression are long enough that everyone has 1 or 2.  The ones that got me thinking about it recently are loss of interest for usual activities and withdrawing from friends and family.  Isn’t it possible to just become tired of your usual activities, friends and family?  I never really liked what I usually did for “fun”, I just did it cause I thought I was suppose to.  The same goes for friends and family.  Maybe I’m not happy but at least I’m not lying to myself anymore and there’s some peace to that.

This was suppose to be a post about stuff around my home wasn’t it.  Let me get back to that.


This is a plant that has been deceased for 3 years.  Someone gave it to me but I couldn’t keep it alive.  It was just too demanding.  I promised never to love again until I was ready.



This is my new plant.  I found it at the supermarket and the label said it didn’t need much light or water.  I was like holy shit, I can do this.  A year later we’re still together.  This thing goes weeks without water and I keep it inside where there’s not much light.  I wonder sometimes if it’s even real.

The ceramic Indian inspired elephant was something I got off Craigslist.  I love these things.  There’s nicer ones but I don’t know where to go to get them.  $50 for 2 of these.  He stays outside and guards my front door.




This is my weed grinder.  I hardly ever even smoke weed but this thing is so cool.  It’s suppose to be a decent quality one too.  I figure I could keep this for life anyway even though I’ll probably lose it one day.   The operation of it is really smooth.



This is the grinder taken apart.  It has 4 pieces to it.  The weed gets grinded and the finest particles go to the bottom.


This is my radio I turn on every morning while I’m getting ready for work.  I listen to news, weather and traffic.  I don’t really need to listen to traffic cause work is only 5 minutes away but it makes me feel good to hear all those suckers are stuck somewhere in a highly congested route.  I don’t mean it, they’re not really suckers but it still feels good.  I get a little joy from other peoples misery, so what?  Not like I can do anything about the traffic.   I bought the radio from a flea market for like $50.  Ya I know, it looks like something you would have to pay someone to take away.  It’s made in like 1970 or 1980.  It’s not that easy to find a decent radio these days.  They’re starting to become extinct.


This is my plant again closer to its actual living spot.  Behind it is my Buddha statue.  I bought this when I got all into Buddhism and spiritual stuff.  Got kind of boring.  Hahaha.  I’ve spent a lot of energy throughout my life looking for some kind of meaning or direction.  I even opened up to the Jehovah Witnesses and hardly anyone is ever that desperate.  They were so excited when I showed interest.  Now I can’t fully get them off my back.  They write down your address and give it to whoever is doing that route that day.  One day these 2 younger guys knocked on my door which is in the back of a house cause I rent.  I accused them of having my location on their list and they denied it.  They said, “no we don’t, we go to the back of houses all the time.”  I know they have a list cause when I see them walking around they’re looking at this piece of paper all the time.  This other time there was this older Jehovah Witness guy and he would come around during my lunch break.  He knew I was home cause my truck was parked outside.  I told him next time to come on a weekend.  So what does he do?  Next week he knocks on my door while on my lunch break again.  I didn’t answer and he never came back.  Hehehe.  When they found out where I worked they informed the Jehovah Witnesses at work and then they started bugging me.  I just act all grumpy when they start inviting me to things.

I like Buddhism better cause you’re not obligated to try very hard and they’re so forgiving.  Not sure what I will explore next.  Maybe crazyism.



When you’re not feeling so great it’s good to get some exercise and fresh air.  The shitty thing is when you don’t feel so great you don’t feel like doing anything.  It’s like trying to get a job when you don’t have any work experience but every job asks for work experience.  The End!

Joe Rogan Podcast Clip on Life, Happiness and Unhappiness

When he talks about how it’s possible for someone to be happy if they find their path or passion in our extremely complicated society, I believe him.  But I think it’s so difficult to find it if at all and the bumps and bigger bumps in life can tear all that happiness down in a second.  We may not know about or have a passion but we usually have a better idea of some of the misery in our lives.  Eliminating misery may not bring you to happiness but it can definitely make you less miserable.  If I no longer had to work full time and money was not an issue, I would definitely feel a sense of relief.  I come home for lunch and I think to myself how it would be so much better if my shift was done now instead of 4 hours from now.  I wouldn’t really know if it would be better or for worse until it happened.  In theory it sounds better but who knows, maybe with that extra time I would just get myself into trouble.  I’d take that chance though.

I think the universe makes happiness especially difficult for the ones who do not conform well with society.  It wants us to work as one and if you don’t want to join then sit in the corner and be sad.  It doesn’t matter how retarded, silly, painful or short lived the trend is, if it’s what everyone is doing then you should feel the need to do it too.  It’s like part of our DNA.

We’re led to believe that we all have a passion in life and that we just have to find it.  It sounds odd cause how is it that we’re naturally born to have a passion for something in life where everything is man made and unnatural?


It’s usually more about the idea than anything

What kind of title is that?  A title from a person on Christmas Eve who’s not quite sober and not able to think of anything more clever.

We all have these beliefs of what is good, bad, right, wrong  and I’ve come to believe our beliefs hardly ever stem from much truth or fact but instead the attachment to the idea.

The idea of family, friends, marriage, money, vacations, love, admiration, status, reputation, labels, you name it. It’s almost like a religion where you live by a teaching just because it’s part of the program.  It’s what you’ve built your life upon so you have to defend and support its existence.

We’re more in love with the idea instead of actually believing in these ideas.  Our actions show how much we really believe in the importance of these ideas and the actions hardly ever match the words.  We only believe in these ideas cause it makes us feel better about our lives.  Gives us something to live by and live for.  Any half ass analyzation of these ideas would lead you to the truth which is these ideas are usually BS.  We’re humans though.  We have the ability to lie to ourselves and block out any truth that might make us feel bad about our existence.  We’re too afraid to hurt our own feelings.


Like a Drug

Seems to me all things bad for you are very similar to drugs.  Your mind can tell you that you want something for whatever reason and you go and chase it.  Once you get it you find a temporary high or enjoyment.  It doesn’t last.  You want more or something else.  You know it’s bad for you and you think about dropping it altogether.  You do it again and you have a change of heart.   You get tired of the negative lifestyle.  One day it’s finally out of your life and you see life in a whole new light.  You’re born again.

People, your ego and mislead ambitions can all do this to you.  Life’s a mind game.  The less negativity in your mind the better chance you’ll have of winning.