Human Behaviour

In the first 3 months of marijuana legalization I’ve spent more money on cannabis products than I have in my entire life on black market weed. It’s not saying a whole lot since the illegal total was about $100. I didn’t like the whole experience of buying illegal weed. It required me to phone someone I didn’t know too well, set a time and place and then have that person know my habits.

There seem to be many critics and pessimists of marijuana legalization. Some were convinced no one would pay the higher prices. It’s a reasonable argument if you have the life experience of a child. It’s reasonable to think no one would spend more money than they earn. It’s reasonable to think no one would smoke cigarettes because they might kill you slowly. It’s also reasonable to believe no one would kill their wife and think they could get away with it.

Then you have the ones who believe people will just grow their own weed. Sounds reasonable except some people don’t even make their own lunch. If people were so resilient Starbucks and the supermarkets would not exist. You can even buy Starbucks grounded coffee at the supermarket and make it at home. I don’t think anyone thought people would pay $5 for a coffee until they did.

People are going to stick with their dealers, they say. One girl told me she has a “rapport” with her dealer. One day when there are retail stores she’s going to be off work, tired, see a legal marijuana store on her way home and think, I’ll just try it this one time. A few weeks later and she’ll be thinking, to hell with our rapport.

Legalization has not been a smooth process and people have been quick to criticize the lack of supply and retail stores. Marijuana was illegal for 90 years and people are complaining how the roll-out of legalization was not perfect in the first 2 weeks. One drawback from legal weed is that now the mailman thinks I’m a stoner.



All Things Cannabis

You may or may not have heard that Canada will be the first G7 country to federally legalize marijuana for recreational purposes on Oct 17th, 2018. It may sound sad to some people but to me this is the most significant Canadian political event in my lifetime so far. I’m so in tune with what’s going on that I didn’t even know about it until after the prime minister who promised to make it happen was elected. What? They’re going to legalize marijuana? If I knew I might have voted.

You would have to be a shitty gambler to bet that the rest of the world is not going to follow to some degree. About a dozen other countries have federally legalized marijuana for medical use. With more than half the states in America having state legal medical and/or recreational cannabis it’s hard to believe they won’t be fully legalized one day. Who knows though. America has funny drug laws.

When the founder of Canada’s largest marijuana business first pitched his idea before recreation legalization was even thought of, the first 4 people said,  ‘Are you crazy?’

I thought, that’s terrific. That means there will be even fewer credible people that want to start them because the ones I spoke to think it’s horrible, not because of the business, but because of the reputational risk. I thought, ‘If you sit around and do nothing, isn’t that also reputationally bad?’


He also said when people called his idea crazy he then knew he was on to something. It’s another story of ‘crazy’ about to be normal. If hardly anyone is criticizing your ideas and actions then you’re probably not doing anything worthwhile. This only applies though if you’re a sane and rational person.

The provincial cannabis warehouse will be operating fairly close to my home and they’re hiring. It’s a government job so it has all of the offerings an average schmuck could ask for. I thought about applying for a job there but that would just be going back to the same vicious cycle I used to be in. No one would tell me I’m crazy for wanting to work there so it must be a bad idea.



Blasting Off with a Pot Cookie

I was advised to only eat half a pot cookie so I ate one whole one. The world of marijuana edibles is fairly new to me but I know two important rules. The first rule is…don’t eat too much. What’s too much? That’s the tricky part because everyone has a different tolerance and reaction to different substances. Plus when you are dealing with homemade marijuana edibles the amount of active ingredient is unknown.

When I first started feeling the effects it was tolerable but as time went on the effects became more intense to the point of borderline psychosis. Every negative thought that exists in my brain was magnified to dangerous levels. If I wasn’t conscious of the second rule of ingesting edibles I could have done something stupid like call emergency services or jump off a building. Rule #2 is to know that the craziness will pass and everything will be okay.

I went to a place hoping for a mild to warm climate with calm conditions but I got caught up in a tornado. I don’t want to go there again.


Just Say Yes

I don’t even like smoking weed but when a joint comes around, too often I give in and take the offering.  Besides the very first time I smoked and inhaled, I’ve never really enjoyed smoking marijuana.  So why do I keep saying yes?

– It’s sometimes just so boring being in a normal state that I’d rather feel something else even if it’s not very enjoyable

– I tell myself that this time might be a more positive experience

– People keep sticking it in my face and saying no all the time gets tiring

Well, this was more of a thing in the past cause I don’t really see people too often anymore but it still happens once in a while.  Smoking weed is really underrated in the sense that it can be really positive for your life.  I’m not even referring to the physical and mental benefits that people say they experience but in the social sense.  Almost everyone I know who smokes weed, see people on a regular basis.  “Want to meet up and blaze a joint?”

Some of them meet up in groups almost every night just to smoke weed and chat.  I’m jealous.  This one thing is keeping them together and I don’t think they even realize it cause they’ve been smoking weed for the last 20 years together on and off and probably just think they are good friends.

There isn’t really anything else that will bring people together so regularly.  You can’t really go out and get drunk every night without it affecting you negatively.  No one has the time and energy to get together and play sports every night.  People don’t meet up and have cigarettes together cause they don’t last very long and there’s no real enjoyable high afterwards.  But burning a joint together is the perfect combination of having something to do that is enjoyable for a sufficient amount of time.

If you smoke weed and enjoy it there really isn’t any consequences.  You’re able to function like you normally would and there is no hangover in the morning.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be as isolated as I am if I enjoyed smoking weed but all I want to do when I smoke weed is go to sleep.  It works so well for falling asleep that I keep a stash of it in my home just for that purpose.

So I don’t know.  If you’re looking to meet new friends you should try out smoking weed and see if you like it.  You’ll find more than enough ads on Craigslist in the personals section for people who are ‘420 friendly.’  If you meet someone at work who smokes weed you will be friends instantaneously.  If you are a teenager, tell your parents you found this advice on a blog and  get the okay from them first.