Spending Money and Loser Habits


When it comes to giving up bad habits people tend to find alternatives rather than quitting altogether. An alcoholic might go from hard liquor to wine and then beer until they realize there’s no happy medium. I’ve went the other direction. I bought my first bottle of hard liquor last week. The idea is that I’ll be able to pretend that I’m a mixologist, it’s more cost effective and it’s also low carb if I use soda water as a mixer.

I also bought a $10 crystal glass so that I can drink it in style like I’m a somebody. It’s made in Germany and fit for royalty. If I use it 1000 times then it’ll work out to be 1 cent a use.

I believe by using soda water as a mixer I’m counteracting some of the negative effects of alcohol such as dehydration. This all sounds like a bad idea but I’m not capable of being an alcoholic not because I can quit anytime but because I have acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency. Most east Asians have this condition. Basically, it makes drinking alcohol less pleasant.

I like red wine but it’s expensive and you can’t open a bottle and come back to it in 3 days. Beer is okay too but sometimes I just don’t want to drink that much liquid plus it contains more calories and carbohydrates.

Every time I’ve had applewood smoked bacon it just tastes like regular bacon. I’m convinced applewood is just a marketing gimmick. Every time I eat potato chips I feel like a loser.


When you feel life has betrayed you then you build a workshop to make bombs. I watched the Unabomber show on Netflix recently and several times I thought, that sounds like something I would say or do. Luckily for the world I’m not smart enough to construct mail bombs. Why is it that when a perceived mad man writes something it’s always referred to as a manifesto?

The real reason why I assembled this tool display was because I saw it on some TV show and thought, hey, I think I have a peg board. I had a lot of fun doing it. Now when a robber comes in my home he’ll have an easy time finding the tools he needs to torture me. Man, there are countless horrible ways to torture a person. Any one of these tools could be effective for torture even the LED light. You could force someone’s eye open and shine the light in close proximity to the eye. Tell me where the gold is!

If you don’t tell him where the gold is then he could tape your hand to your face and bang 2 hammers together right beside your ear for an hour. If you think your life is bad now just think about that possibility and you’ll be grateful for your boring existence.




The Road to Average

20 years out of high school can allow you to see the paths that people chose which led to their current circumstances in life. Probability being probability, most ended up somewhere in the tier of average. Wherever their position on the scale of average lies has more to do with circumstances rather than merit.

The few that became successful did what the average didn’t. They separated themselves from the herd. I don’t believe their actions were rooted by this philosophy. Their ambitions just forced them away. Herd mentality will keep you in the herd where the main objective is to not be left out of the herd.

The herd leaves high school unaware of their anxious intentions to sign the rest of their life away to a mundane average. To them it’s what you’re supposed to do. Perhaps “average” should not be the term used but instead, “uninspiring.”



Reviving the Dead

When I don’t sleep a full 8 hours it’s enough for me to put off everything which was what I was going to do today.

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and former USAF Tactical Air Control Party member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours.

I thought I’d listen to a Joe Rogan podcast while laying in bed and the outcome was motivation. I’m not going to wuss out today became the mantra. I was so fired up I couldn’t believe it. After breakfast I was at the park doing pull-ups and chin-ups. I didn’t break records but I did them until I couldn’t do another rep.

-Walked the dogs(there’s another one staying with me right now)
-Did the laundry
-Did more laundry

I want to include that I took a shower after jogging but it doesn’t sound very impressive. Then I took a nap like someone had knocked me out cold. Afterwards I watched an hour of business television where some guy in a suit talks about stocks. I’m blogging right now and afterwards I plan on practicing piano.

History shows that the motivation will fizzle out by the time I wake up tomorrow. The mind decides whether to do something or not, and it is really good at making up reasons for taking the currently easy way out. After listening to the podcast my thoughts are that the only way to keep going is to not give yourself a choice even though you have it. Nike said it best, Just Do It. What if all I have to do is listen to something or someone inspiring every day? I might even employ some stretching before I go to bed tonight.

How to be Less Successful in Life

The driving force behind the daily routine comes from the consequence of not following through. Take away the consequences then you’ll need to compensate with discipline. Other than my couple of weekly appointments, I can put off everything anywhere from a few hours to forever.

I could brush my teeth once I wake up or I could do it at 3 PM. I could wash my clothes today or wait until I’m on my last pair of semi-clean underwear. I could read that book I said I was going to read or never do it at all. No one is going to give me shit for anything I don’t do and only I lose.

At 7 PM yesterday I was just going to start watching a show on Netflix after a non-productive day then I thought to myself I could at least put in one hour of doing something I said I would do. If most people are suffering for 8 hours at work plus a commute then I can fight past the inertia for an hour.

I thought about how it was Thursday and my next piano lesson is on Sunday. I don’t want to look like a loser to my piano teacher. If it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t have practiced last night. I also decided to finally vacuum. I’ve been blaming the dog for the mess instead of my procrastination.

If I set a schedule and stick with it then I’ll be better off. I can make it a 3 hour work day. For example, 11 AM: exercise, 12:30 PM: practice piano, 1 PM: read 10 pages, 2 PM: talk to strangers.

I’m not sure if people are lazy or if it’s just a biological instinct to not want to use calories unless deemed necessary.

I need a life coach.



Back to School

Late last year I was enrolled in a stock market investing course which was a disappointment. It may have been a satisfactory course if you knew absolutely nothing and if Wikipedia didn’t exist like in 1995. Half the class didn’t even show up for the last lecture. This instructor was relevant 20 years ago. Another example of humans becoming obsolete but still hanging on with 2 fingers. I find it odd how there is only one course in this city on stock market investing but handfuls on subjects such as pottery, photography and cooking.

Yesterday marks my third piano lesson. My piano teacher says I’m the worst student she has ever had and wonders how I even got this far in life without losing a body part. She said she has 5-year-old students who play better with their toes. She may not have said any of that only because she’s happy to take my $37.50 Canadian dollars for 45 minutes of instruction.

When I was a kid my mother offered to put me in Kung fu lessons stating that I could fall back on teaching for money if I had to. I declined and she more than willingly accepted because it would save her money.

I bought the best cheapest digital piano from Costco online. If I wasn’t home at the time of delivery I wonder if the UPS guy would have just left it in front of my door.


If nothing else it makes for a decent piece of decorative furniture.


No Sweat

I wonder how much of the issues that occur from getting older are really from neglect and not from natural ageing. You always hear people 40 and up say, “that’s what happens when you get older.”

Am I supposed to believe that you just get fat because of age?…”your metabolism slows down when you get older.” I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s easier to get fatter as you age, but some people give you the idea that it’s not a choice.

Another thing I’ve been told is that when you get older you just don’t sleep as much. It’s easy to believe because you always hear of old people sleeping at midnight and waking up at 5 AM and working stiffs in their mid-life running on 5 hours of sleep a day.

I’m not sleeping as well as I used to and I think it has to do with not doing anything. My body might be sending adaptive signals to my brain telling it I don’t need to sleep much. The only time I sweat is when the steam from hot food hits my face. Sure, I walk fairly long distances sometimes but there’s still no sweat.

When does the average person exert maximum force on a monthly basis? Carrying groceries? Running to the toilet?

Sleeping was never an issue when I was working my previous job. I’d be moving all day and sweating on most days, profusely sweating every day in the summer.

Not perspiring regularly can’t be good, in my opinion. Sweating because you’re overweight doesn’t count.

I started jogging recently and the goal isn’t distance or time but to sweat. My recent purchase of one of those Under Armour shirts that are supposed to wick away sweat has found early use. I only bought it because it was on clearance. I was thinking I would wear it in the summer when I would be sweating while doing nothing.


Boring Stories

A piece of dental floss got stuck between my molars. Being unable to get it out I went to the internet to search for answers. My search seemed hopeless for answers while also frightening. On a student dental forum the consensus was that you might have to pull a tooth out. On another website some guy said a stuck piece of floss between his teeth caused an infection. I couldn’t believe that I might have to see a dentist for a piece of floss stuck between my teeth.

Brains work extra hard to solve urgent problems. Should I try to stick a needle in there? How about lighting a match and burning it away? I slept on it hoping my saliva would melt it away. After a whole day of eating and drinking I finally managed to get it out using another a piece of floss. I’m realizing now how this was such a boring thing to write about.

Boring Story #2

Last week I came to the conclusion that toy collectables increase in value faster than precious metals such as gold and silver bullion. People laughed at me when I had them drive me to meet up with some dude through Craigslist who was selling toy musician figures. A few years have passed since and the value has increased 3 to 6 times.

I went to IKEA to look for a shelf for these toy figures I’ve been buying recently. When I got there I saw a shelf that would work that was price at $25. I thought about the room it would take up, assembly, the money and I reverted back to minimalist mode which had me decide on plan B which was to take the stuff from my existing bookshelf and put it in a box.


I buy figures for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. I think it will go up in value
  2. It’s on sale for a deep discount
  3. Childhood memory
  4. It’s so funny that I can’t help myself

C’mon, The Golden Girls! JAJAJAJA

You laugh now at my perceived immaturity but you just wait a few years and I’ll be sitting on a goldmine!