The Bottom Catches Up

If I was at my most recent job I would be earning $27 and change per hour by now with 4 weeks vacation per year. In your tenth year you get 4 weeks vacation and if you’re obedient enough(woof woof) you will get 5 weeks when you hit 20 years of service. Ten years of 4 week vacations annually would equal 40 weeks of vacation. Not working at all for the last 4 years like I have will give you 208 weeks of vacation.

When I started my employment there in 2008 my wage was $15.50 an hour when minimum wage was $8. Minimum wage is now $13.85 an hour. To keep up with the increase of minimum wage the company boosted the hourly rate to $16.89 an hour. The position lower than the one I had started at $13.50 in 2008. Current job postings do not state the current wage of this position probably because it’s now minimum wage. Stating a job pays minimum wage puts that job in the category of a ‘shitty job.’ It’s now in the league of McDonald’s except it’s actually shittier because it’s probably more demanding. If you were earning around $13.85 before the increase of minimum wage this increase is basically a demotion for you. Sometimes it’s not about where you are in life as much as how many people are below you.

The lesson here might be that if you don’t have any bargaining power it means you don’t have any power. The delivery drivers there probably tell themselves that the delivery drones, self-driving delivery vehicles and delivery robots will never happen. When the human drivers are on their knees flashing pictures of their wife and kids and begging the robots not to take their job the robot will kick them in the balls and deliver them off the property. With any luck it will happen in your 19th year of service.


Part-time Work

In the early years of my last job I confessed to a co-worker how I would rather work part-time hours. Her response?

“That’s not very attractive.”

I guess to her a single man’s purpose in life is to be attractive to women. Her husband is probably a sucker. Women don’t necessarily have to be in love to marry a man, they’ll settle for a slave. So would I though. If someone is willing to give you everything you want in exchange for hanging around while also providing a pension if you ever decide to leave, it would be difficult to resist. Ironically or maybe not, she only worked part-time which is acceptable of course because she’s a woman. How come the term loser is never assigned to women? I ignored her for the next 5 years.

Recently, I entertained the idea of part-time work again. There was a union gig I found near my home servicing public bus coin boxes. I want to say I turned it down but I can’t because I didn’t even apply. It seemed like a really lonesome job that only offered money in exchange for my effort and time.

The way I see it is that an unfulfilling job is going to take away much of my good energy. When I finish my shift I’ll want to do crap all or at least only activities that are easy(watching videos) or fun(eating hamburgers). On my days off I’ll be recovering from work from the day before and will likely continue doing crap all. Hangovers aren’t only created by alcohol.

Perhaps I’m not very productive as it is but my belief is that having too much time will make me really bored which will push me to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. This all sounds crazy or at the very least a poor excuse to not work a job but I don’t want to take any chances. Dead end jobs only pay you for your time. If you have a Plan B then you’re doing your Plan A a disservice.

As for now my choices in the stock market have been financially supporting me. It was punching me in the gut late last year but I have been slowly catching my breath back. If it decides to assault me more severely in the near future I’ll still be okay. If it continues to rally then I guess I’ll also be okay.


The New Factory Job

When I graduated high school the tech boom was emerging to become the huge bubble it was a few years later. The first thing aspiring university students think is, what will get me a job? People started herding in to anything computer related. Actually they first ask themselves what they like to do but that never really works out.

The tech industry seems to be booming again for the last several years. Many young students I talk to are enrolled in a computer science program. If you have a computer science degree you’re getting hired it seems. Not surprising given the stake technology has on our lives with no end in sight.

Sometimes on the internet I come across people I’ve once known and a commonality they share is some kind of social media occupation. I think this is where you do some kind of promotion of trickery through various social media platforms.

Many of these FIRE(financial independence retire early) bloggers have a computer background as well. They built an arsenal of savings from good salaries, bonuses and stock options. Freaking revenge of the nerds.

I get the feeling this is going to be the minimum barrier to entry to a middle class life. All you needed before was 2 arms, 2 legs and half a brain.


Making Money Blogging

Last year I stumbled upon some guy’s blog where the theme was accomplishing financial freedom around the time of mid-life. At first I was suspicious because of all the websites and blogs that sell snake oil dreams around a similar premise. I’m convinced though that this guy is legit. He doesn’t really sell anything but instead shows you what he’s been doing. Most people wouldn’t be able to do it, I don’t think, but it is very realistic.

In the last 6 years he said he’s made about $120,000 USD through his blog and hopes to make $36,000 in 2017. It’s not a lot of money he’s made compared to grinding it out 40 hours a week at some job but it’s pretty impressive. To give more insight to the story he probably made a decent income when he was working as a computer engineer for 15 years, saved a good chunk of that money, invested and didn’t pick up a cocaine habit. What is more impressive though is that he convinced his wife to continue working while he took on the role as a SAHD. Women…fight for equality and see what happens?

So I was thinking…why can’t I do what he does? We’re both Asian, he’s probably smarter than I am but I’m probably more entertaining than him. If I can replicate even half his success I will be satisfied. I just need a subject that interests people and myself, and refrain from being an asshole. Apparently there aren’t enough people who are interested in my thoughts and feelings to get me paid. I blame Donald Trump. If ISIS wants to take responsibility they are free to do so.

The guy’s blog…




Professional Anything

When you are at your job long enough, you become a professional at it whether intentionally or not. 8 hours every day wiping asses will make you superior at your craft over the average citizen with the best name brand 3 ply.

After a few years of delivering parcels in the same area, I can confidently say that there are less than a handful of people in this world who could navigate that area better than I. Unfortunately, such knowledge does not land me any great opportunities or beautiful women. I should have dedicated those years instead to weight lifting and the art of lying.

With several hours of spare time and energy, I have the opportunity to become a professional at something. The overwhelming population will only spend 8 hours a day on something if they feel they have to. To do so purely out of your own desire is for the insane and very successful.

There’s a bowling alley not too far from here. I’m sure they would give me a discount if I went there every day. Chances are there will be some semi-professional bowlers there who have no purpose in life and would be glad to mentor me.

As a more pragmatic approach to life, I could consider training as a barber and cut people’s hair in my garage. The downside would be that I would have to cut people’s hair. Life is so unfair.

I may have to go back to my high school counsellor for guidance with what to do with my life. Evolution has its disadvantages, I think. In a hunter gatherer setting I would be in the great outdoors stalking buffalo and women would have their breasts for all to see. With no police, hospitals and rubbing alcohol, death would be my answer to not knowing what to do with my life.


Daily Prompt: Successful


Rationalizing Finances

The person who I buy car insurance off of told me today that she is refunding $100 from my insurance payment because I no longer use my vehicle to drive to and from work. That bit of information made a small part of me think that I just got $100 for free because in my head I had already written off that $100.

When you calculate how much money you have in your name(you probably do this often), you probably don’t factor in the coins in your piggy bank. I counted and rolled all my coins that I dump into a jar when I walk in the door and it came up to about $500. Again, it feels like free money because it never made the books.

Having cheap immigrant DNA and no income, slowly overpowers the idea that it’s free money especially when the medical insurance bill arrives in the mail. The semi-unexpected bill is the antithesis of unaccounted money.

Most of you work in exchange for money. You then take that money and do what you need and want with it. There’s a bit of a disconnect with how our system works. The work might be painful to endure but once it’s done it’s done and the money that came from it has much less connection to the pain after the fact.

So you spend the money on a lot of items and conveniences that are probably not worth the time and effort you put in to earning that money. You may not connect the fact that it took you 15 hours of being at your job to pay for whatever it is that you bought. You also may not care either because you believe this is what life is.

I guess it’s kind of a case of time heals all wounds whether it be 5 years or the day after you get paid. The feelings of pain and anger subside(usually) when it comes to people and money. The past is the past.  Maybe, but it doesn’t always take away the significance of what occurred.


Holding Yourself to your Words

This blog was started around 4 years ago and still going strong. I’m proud that I stayed true to the words that I displayed for everyone to read. Here are some samples from my previous writings from the last 4 years and the links to the full posts.

About Page

A bastard child but not that old and not that dirty.

You’ll be happy to know I’m still a bastard child and I’m still flossing every night.

I don’t like working regular jobs, “good” jobs, or labour intensive jobs.  Borrrrriiinnnng.  Yes, in terms of jobs I have narrowed it down to nothing.  To be more precise I don’t like working these jobs 8 plus hours a day, 5 days a week.  The sad thing is though, I do work a regular job with a similar schedule but I haven’t accepted it as life yet.  I guess you can say I haven’t given up or one could also say that I’m a dreamer.  I’d rather be a dreamer than a deader.   Deader is probably the most dumbest sounding imaginary word ever thought of.   Life should be more about fun and enjoyment rather than giving into fears, security and acceptance.

If you’ve been reading you’ll know that I quit that job.

I ranted about boring 9-5 so much over the years.

March 17, 2014

I am like a mouse and 9 to 5 is my maze that I’m constantly trying to find a way out of.  I don’t really care if there is a piece of cheese waiting for me on the outside or not.  All that matters is that I find a way out without getting my tail snapped off.  As many as you working stiffs like myself may know, it’s not an easy task.

Feb 3, 2014

There isn’t anything in this world besides a regular job that entails you to be somewhere for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, doing pretty much the same thing every day.  Seriously, there’s nothing.  Even if it was somewhat enjoyable, people wouldn’t do it given the same schedule.

I think a lot of what keeps people going at their jobs is the fear of being lonely.  Any kind of demotion in job status and pay, translates into a whole different life.  The people that you surround yourself with are often founded, maintained and directly related to the kind of money you make.

July 10, 2013

Work.  The most common image this word creates is going to some place and getting paid money for your time and services.  The really shitty thing about jobs is that you don’t get much of a choice when it comes to when and how long you want to work for.  You’re put on a schedule and you have to take it or leave it.  You probably don’t get to start at 9am one day and 12pm the next.  Neither do you get to go home anytime you want or take days off whenever you feel like it.

The only time you’re suppose to work is when you want to or have to, otherwise it’s a drag and a few decades of being dragged is rug burn times 10000.  Anytime you work you’re suppose to be working towards something.  Something that’s worthy of your time and effort.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that some of us are working for nothing.  Feels like nothing anyway.  For money so I can buy shit I don’t need or stuff that brings me such little instant gratification?  It sucks the life out of you after a while especially when you don’t think it’s worth it.

Outside of basic needs, I feel that any work  you do should be for a life of your own.  It seems everyone works to build a life that was created by someone else.  That’s how I feel but it’s not exactly how I’m living at the moment.  But I’m not too crazy about signing off for the blueprints of my life made by someone else for everybody else.  Maybe I did sign off to start the project but I can still stop construction.

I feel that I’m so alone with the idea that working full time is not desirable and not even necessary.  Then again I’m not chasing dreams that need to be held up by a foundation of money.  If I’m not getting the gratification from the fruits of my labour, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t pick so much fruit and lessen the misery.  Food tastes better when you have less of it.

March 7, 2012

21st century, 1st world slavery.  I’m not sure if it’s just one of those days or if it’s a real feeling but I totally felt like quitting my job today.  There’s nothing really wrong with the job, it’s just more than I want to do.  Too many days or too many hours.  30 more years of this crappolla?

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

January 27, 2012

When you work more than 40 hours a week it’s often considered “too much.”  If you work less than 40 hours it’s considered “under employed” or “lazy.”  As I’ve said before there’s no such thing as lazy, only uninspired.

Get this. I’m thinking about writing an ebook about working and life. I don’t know if I can call it a book because it will probably be about 20 pages long. A pamphlet? I already feel like a loser because I sound like all those other bloggers on WordPress who talk about how they want to be a writer. I guess I am writer though. Me? A writer? What a radical concept.