Suckers for Entertainment

Outside of our jobs, life seems to largely revolve around entertainment. Many jobs even are part of the entertainment industry. Back in the Roman Empire days, it’s said that “the games” that took place at the Colosseum were to keep the people happy.

It’s not so much different today where we have the internet, TV, phones and places to occupy our idle time. We live for scandals, celebrity gossip and big headlines. We’ve sent the message that we want to be entertained by using our dollar, views and likes.

I’m not into politics and I don’t have an opinion unlike many others on whether or not Donald Trump would make a decent president or not but I can tell you for entertainment purposes, Donald is your man. This makes me wonder if even the presidency is somewhat rigged for the sake of entertainment. I’m not even an American but for the first time it has me slightly interested.

Being the first somewhat black president, Obama was good for entertainment as well. If Hilary wins, being the first female president would be much more interesting than some regular looking old white guy. It would just be odd if another Bush won.

I never watch the Oscars but with the combination of the whole racism controversy and Chris Rock being the host, they got me. I watched his opening act which I thought was decent but not great, then two award acceptances which were boring as plane crackers. I should change the channel just to take one viewer away from their ratings.

Our want for easy entertainment can make people famous for nothing. Take a giant grainy penis inside of you and somehow millions of people idolize you and watch your show about nothing.


Tuesday Movie Outing

Tuesday is cheap movie day. For $7.50 I can rationalize an outing for myself even with the budget that I am on. Plus there’s something joyful about doing stuff while everyone else is stuck at their job.

My first choice was Revenant but the electronic display indicated it was almost sold out. I don’t like congested theatres. From a process of elimination I ended up choosing The Big Short starring a handful of A to B list actors. The movie is based on true events and real life characters from the 2008 recession.

I give the movie thumbs up and also liked some of the quotes.

“Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.”

If you based your reality through WordPress you would think poetry is well loved. It was never my thing although I do try to be poetic at times.

“Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.”
Haruki Murakami

In a way I can agree with this quote but I don’t know if I’m understanding it for what he really meant by it. The end of the world would be the most exciting event ever? Living life is a pain in the ass? I suppose many religions are hoping for the world to end so that they can start living the life they really want.

The movie theatre complex was busier than I expected. Don’t these fuckers have jobs to go to? I didn’t come here to be surrounded by people. At the very end of the film, I felt as if it was giving the impression that another economic crisis is looming.

It was a bit of a gloom and doom movie with comedy relief. Driving home, the podcast I was listening to added more gloom and doom to my day. They were discussing the not so orgasmic outcomes if we continue on our path of oil and water consumption and destruction.

I liked the movie but I’m not recommending it for full price. I’m not saying I don’t recommend it either. You might be bored as nails at home and have nothing better to do. I’m rambling because I’m trying to find a more clever way of ending this post. I give up.

The End


Small Tribute to Scott Weiland

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the guitarist, Slash, who used to be in a band with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame.

I’ve seen Scott perform in 4 different occasions when he was with Velvet Revolver. He always put on a spectacular show as the front man of the band. While I was aimlessly surfing the internet just now(last night) I stumbled upon the news of his passing.

It’s sad but he’s touched more lives than a typical average human being will ever. Stone Temple Pilots created some great songs. I was listening to them today around noon time in my car unbeknownst of Scott’s death. It was always one of my go to bands for all around good music.

Slash in Vancouver 2015

It’s 12:26 AM, Pacific Standard Time. I am high. Not crazy high but starting to come down. My ears are ringing from the Slash concert tonight because the stacks of speakers were right in front of me. I had a good fucking time.


All anybody wants to do when they go to a concert is skip the opening band and get liquored up. The line-ups for beer were freaking long but that didn’t stop anybody. I had one beer but didn’t have the patience to get another. I just waited for the drugs to kick in.


One might ask, do you always have to get high for a concert? Well, I don’t have to but if it’s going to make for a way better time than I will. You don’t have to use ketchup with your french fries but you might as well, right? You don’t have to drink alcohol at events but you do. Why deprive yourself? It was an extraordinary seat, right by the stage.

I took a dose of MDMA before I left my home but this new batch wasn’t as potent. I threw it in my mouth at 7:30 and even at 9pm I wasn’t feeling much but it ended up being sufficient. I had a big meal right before so that may have slowed the process.


That guy you see up there threw me one of his guitar picks too! I stuck out a bit because as always I was the only Chinese guy in there and I was the liveliest guy in my area. What also made it a great seat was the fact that no tall fucker was standing in my view. Tall white people still manage to find a way to oppress minorities even to this day. I’m glad they threw me a bone this time.


Feel free to read my palm


The smartphones were out in full force. I could imagine old guys using this situation as a way to bash technology. “When we went to concerts we actually watched them.” Okay, but does your senile mind have any memory of it?

The possible highlight of the night was at the end when the lead singer, Myles Kennedy, saw me coming into the crowd and he stuck his hand past the other reachers to get to mine and looked me in the eye as we shook hands. His eyes said, “I see you Asian.” They will remember me as the Asian guy from Vancouver who was grooving to all the tunes like it was the last day on Earth.

Today was also the Canadian Thanksgiving. Today I give thanks to Slash and his buddies for blessing a few thousand of us with a spectacular show that made people who had turkey & cranberry sauce dinners, suckers compared to me. But I’m sure your family is cooler than Slash.

Being unprepared, I didn’t have any beer at home so I drove to the convenient and trusty casino by my home who is willing to entertain anyone who is up to no good on a late Monday evening. Stella Artois, I’m a classy motherfucker. $9 for this fucking beer.



Everybody and Nobody is a Somebody

A big reason why some TV shows in the pre-internet era had millions of viewers was because of the options available to the viewing public at a given time slot and the availability of other media. All the ‘good shows’ were always on between 8 pm and 10 pm and there were only a few big TV networks to choose from. There were other channels available but most of them either sucked or were geared towards old people. Late night talk shows were kind of cheesy but there weren’t a lot of options at 11:30 pm.

I’m not sure if the pie is being cut up to smaller pieces or if the pie has just become bigger. Are we replacing more of the old types of media or are we spending more of our time consuming more media on top of what we used to? Are people skipping Conan O’Brien for YouTube or are they just watching clips of his show on the internet at a different date and time?

There’s a new type of entertainer out there and that’s you, me and millions of other no-namers who produce their own content in their bedroom wearing only their underwear. We might not be famous but we have a bit of that pie. There are many no-namers who are famous in their niches and are making a good living.

There’s this fairly new phenomenon that’s been going on that blew my mind. People are making a 6 digit income by live streaming themselves playing video games. They will have this amateur studio setup in their bedroom and people all over the world will donate money online to watch them play a certain video game. Why? Just because they are really good at that game and nerds get off on watching their skills. From what I’ve heard, being a likable person is a factor on how much money you earn since the gamer interacts with their fans by voice and text chat. It’s basically their own show that can also generate money from the number of views and subscribers, just like YouTube.

Of course, if you are an attractive gamer girl you can earn some serious money. You don’t have to be that good. You just need a decent face and a set of nice cans. You can also do side gigs in between games for donations such as jiggling your tits. Before the internet, there was a massive market of unlovable males who would ‘donate’ money for any type of interaction with a female but their only options were 1-900 numbers and prostitutes. With the internet they can be perverts of the lowest level without the discomfort of being judged.

If you’re curious about this whole gaming for dollars industry you can learn more about it on this Joe Rogan Podcast with a pro-gamer.

Bombarded by Entertainment

In my teens and in my 20’s, I would be more than happy to be occupied by TV shows and movies for an entire day. They say to cherish time especially in your youth but most of the time my goal was to kill it.  ‘Back in my day,’ there wasn’t endless amounts of entertainment available from the internet.  You would have to purchase entertainment or if you were lucky enough, borrow it from someone.  Weekend, daytime and late night television sucked.  Three hours with nothing to adequately entertain you at home was painful.   As a teenager, if I was bored and daring enough I would turn on the the TV at 1 am to look for scrambled soft porn.

Today is the opposite of those times.  There’s too much content that much of it gets overlooked even if it’s decent material.  Producers of content for have to satisfy what, who and how long in this market that is now owned by the consumer.  I’m not going to watch anything that is 10 minutes long on youtube unless if it really interests me.  I would have killed for an endless variety of 10 minute mediocre videos in 1995.

Teenagers today are watching free endless amounts of videos of 2 guys putting their penises in some poor girl.  No wonder why every kid wants a set of nice headphones for Christmas.  I don’t know what kind of porn they are going to need in 10 years to be turned on.  I’m sure it will be extremely cruel and disgusting.  I was overjoyed at 15 years old to be watching Baywatch lifeguards running across the beach.  I only got to watch the scene once so I had to be in the moment.  There’s so much entertainment content accessible at any time that it’s just not that high on the priority list no more.  The excitement and anticipation is gone.

When I’m scrolling around a website for local news, the headline has to be pretty sickening for me to click on it.  Someone getting murdered by gunshot just doesn’t cut it no more.  It needs to be 3 people killed with cucumbers stuck up their butts for me to read on.  Scarcity will always dictate the value of anything.

Our culture tells us to feel bad for spending hours each day in front of the many types of screens available to us.  It’s kind of silly because in order to keep the economy going they want us to spend money on things we don’t need but criticize us for doing so and indulging in it.  The idea is that a lack of self-control is a main ingredient for our failures.  It might be true but you cannot fault a drug addict for never getting clean when it’s raining pills and cocaine everywhere they go.

Laying in bed right now eating potato chips, drinking wine and streaming internet content.  It’s a cocktail of satisfaction, guilt and an unrewarding feeling but I will likely be asking the bartender to keep them coming.  Oh look, it seems to be raining outside.  Hold the guilt for the next round please.



Who Needs People?


Look at all these friends has its grip on me right now.  I’m going to let you in on how much of a cheap person I am.  There’s a method to my madness.  Every Blu-ray purchase needs to go through a series of requirements.

1) How much?
2) Can I get it off Craigslist for cheaper?
3) Does 1 hour of work get me at least quadruple the amount of time in entertainment?
4) Stellar reviews?
5) Is it possible I can get it for cheaper?

If the answer to all these questions brings no uncertainty then it’s a go.  Many times I will get my shipment 2 days after ordering even if I select the free service that promises a delivery time between 5-8 days.

Amazon has already begun selling food and I think it’s just a matter of time before they start offering alcohol.  Who wouldn’t want alcohol delivered to their home?  As long as there is an adult signing for the delivered alcohol, I don’t see why there would be any issues.  If we progress even further, there will one day be hookers/escorts available for online delivery.  We’re a species that has constantly been progressing towards greater convenience.

If you’re single, the picture beneath may make you think ‘loser’ but if you’re married you might just see a sanctuary. Well, I hope you all have a goodnight.  I have a party to attend.




Let the party begin!!


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