Today was an exceptional day in the blogosphere for Mr. Johnson’s Blog. Someone started a thread on reddit with one of my blog posts that spiked my views to an all time high…over 700 views for one post and climbing.

Apparently there’s a movement named MGTOW…Men Going Their Own Way. I’ve only heard of this today but I think it’s a group of men who are pissed off with women because of bad relationship experience or them not being able to get a woman to love them. I’m not sure how that makes me feel.

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Genius article full of pure truth.

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The job comparison was really eye opening

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Good read 👏


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I’m not sure if the comments from this particular group make me feel good or a loser. I never meant it to be an article against relationships. It was just an insight into what I think goes on in the minds of many males. Just like other posts it was meant to be part truth and part humor. It doesn’t matter though as long as people enjoy it.

Here’s the post if you want to read it…


Making Money Blogging

Last year I stumbled upon some guy’s blog where the theme was accomplishing financial freedom around the time of mid-life. At first I was suspicious because of all the websites and blogs that sell snake oil dreams around a similar premise. I’m convinced though that this guy is legit. He doesn’t really sell anything but instead shows you what he’s been doing. Most people wouldn’t be able to do it, I don’t think, but it is very realistic.

In the last 6 years he said he’s made about $120,000 USD through his blog and hopes to make $36,000 in 2017. It’s not a lot of money he’s made compared to grinding it out 40 hours a week at some job but it’s pretty impressive. To give more insight to the story he probably made a decent income when he was working as a computer engineer for 15 years, saved a good chunk of that money, invested and didn’t pick up a cocaine habit. What is more impressive though is that he convinced his wife to continue working while he took on the role as a SAHD. Women…fight for equality and see what happens?

So I was thinking…why can’t I do what he does? We’re both Asian, he’s probably smarter than I am but I’m probably more entertaining than him. If I can replicate even half his success I will be satisfied. I just need a subject that interests people and myself, and refrain from being an asshole. Apparently there aren’t enough people who are interested in my thoughts and feelings to get me paid. I blame Donald Trump. If ISIS wants to take responsibility they are free to do so.

The guy’s blog…




How to Have an Unsuccessful Blog

I’ve been blogging regularly for about 5 years and my success level is only a little higher than what it would be if I just wrote on paper and put it in my underwear drawer.

When I say successful I am referring to consistent ‘likes’ in the double digits and at least some comments for every post. I always get some ‘likes’ but I’m convinced half of them and sometimes all of them are those fake likers. There’s this one guy who will like the same post with 4 different accounts.

There are certain opinions and words that will disgust people and I have probably written on all of them in a very politically incorrect manner that sometimes borders on very offensive even though my intentions were to be entertaining.

“That’s so gay.” Lost a few readers there.

“The bible is a fairy tale.” Lost a few readers there.

“Being fat is probably your fault.” Lost a few readers there.

“Having kids is selfish.” Lost some readers there.

“Not beating your woman for one day is the best Valentine’s gift a man can give.” Lost 10 readers there.

Talking about suicide isn’t a very well received subject either. Using the word, “whore” extensively also doesn’t help.

There tends to be a bait and switch thing going on here too. Some start reading my blog posts because they expect it to always be humorous and then I get deeply depressing, negative or just too serious for them. And vice versa.

The other thing that I don’t do much of is find new blogs to ‘like,’ ‘follow’ and comment on. Many bloggers found my blog from my comments on mutually read blogs. I’ve never done the shameless self-promoting method of blind liking.

The best demographic you can get is the older folk because they usually don’t have much to do and less friends so they will be less likely to leave the WordPress world. I come off kind of immature sometimes so I tend to not get the 45 and above crowd too often.

Every year there’s an overhaul of readers. Some I may have offended away, some probably got bored here and others just left the blogging world. I will always feel nostalgia for all of them especially the ones that left sincere and kind comments. To have people read the crap that comes out of my mind without any solicitation from my part is flattering. I cherish the silent readers as well. You know who you are even if I never will.

As long as I am convinced that a blog post I’ve written has at least one real view I am somewhat satisfied. I could be full of shit. It’s sad to get zero views though. Might as well have just kept it offline and saved it on Microsoft Word.

Some might be thinking, your blog is unsuccessful because it sucks! Well, I can’t prove that it doesn’t but I’m not going anywhere. So until next time. Goodnight.



Best of Mr Johnson

When you’re a veteran of the blogging world it’s your duty to put out a greatest hits compilation. It was tedious to do but I created a “Best of ” page. Some people only read your posts from when they first start following you, some check out a few from the past as well and some go back and read your whole blog. I made a page for people who would like to check out more than a few of my older posts but not all 500 of them. The link is below and you can also find it on the menu of the main page. Wishing you a happy Wednesday. It’s time for a nap.

Best of…


Random Wednesday Bits

I have an orientation tonight at 6 PM which is why I am at a library near there right now…I don’t want to hang out in rush hour traffic from where I live. It seems that 4 PM is about the time that internet speeds significantly slow down wherever you are. My guess is that all the kids are home from school sneaking in their porn intake before their parents get home from work. I don’t know how as a parent you can block out the thought that your kid was watching hardcore pornography just 1 minute before you walked in the door. The birds and the bees conversation is a breeze compared to any pornography etiquette conversation that exists. They will make instructional videos one day. You heard this first on here.

This morning I picked up a cake for a potluck that was going on with fellow volunteers. When I got in my car and drove off, I apparently turned into a lane that was one way but not my way. I didn’t realize this until I got to the end when I couldn’t turn left and turning right was awkward. A young Asian woman in a Lexus turned in and decided to stop beside me, put her window down to mouth some words to me while my window was up. If I had to guess she was saying, “you fucking idiot, it’s only one way, didn’t you see the sign? Oh my god” To that imaginary dialogue, I said, “no, of course not, otherwise I wouldn’t have drove in this way you fucking whore.” As curious as I was to what she was saying, I didn’t want to find out otherwise I might have done something stupid like call her a “fucking whore.”

It’s possible though that she put her window down because she was concerned and wanted to warn me of the possible consequences of my actions. What a boring story that would make. Who knows. I’ll have to go back to check out the “no left turn” sign because I’m assuming there is one.

This potluck taught me that food from a bunch of non-professional chefs is nothing to die for. It was comparable to a low grade buffet. Most of the items tasted like people’s first round experiments. I hope none of them ever read this.

After the potluck I dropped off some desserts to an old woman who was volunteering somewhere else and couldn’t make it to the potluck. We were talking about Sundays and then I guess she found it to be a good segue to bring up church. I had to stand there for 5 minutes while she preached. She talked about how we were designed to have the power of choice which meant their must be a higher power that created us otherwise we would be created as robots. I replied, “I wish I was a robot.” Terminator was pretty rad. It wasn’t so bad to listen to the short sermon but “I had to get going.”

My thought while driving away was that the higher power created us to be able to make choices so that he/she/it could sit there and laugh at our follies for their own entertainment. How boring would this show be if we were pre-programmed robots? Instead, he/she/it is sitting there with heavenly buttered popcorn watching all 7 billion of us and thinking, “hahaha, look at this moron!.”

I never thought of blogging as something to do between tasks while I’m out but I like the idea. I guess I’m thankful that I enjoy writing. It satisfies the artist in me and it’s free.



Prisoner Joes

There are women out there who seek out the love of prison inmates without having ever met them. This tactic would seem to go against the survival instinct given the possibility of danger but I guess one person’s danger is another’s fantasy.

I don’t know if I can judge these women as I too seem to have a thing for prisoners. I don’t promise them sweet loving when they are released but I root for them. I drop my guard like a woman foolishly in love.

For the past few months I have been following a blogger named, Joe, who is fresh out of prison after a 7 year sentence and trying hard and creatively to turn his life around. He sounds legit and all but my opinion is obviously flawed.

In my rookie year of blogging on WordPress, I caught on to a blog written by a person who also called himself, Joe, who claimed to be a fugitive on the run in Sri Lanka. His story was that he was framed for a crime but managed to escape and could not be caught otherwise his life would be over. Those Nigerian email scams sound more believable but I bought it because when I came around to the blog there were so many others already offering support. I think because he was such a regular commenter on my blog it felt like he was more of a friend than some guy with an unbelievable story. Perhaps it was more that I wanted to believe it than I thought it was a true story. It’s really not like me to be naive.

The icing of this story was that I ended up sending him money. He didn’t even ask. I offered. There was also guilt that I felt for not reaching out. I think you have an idea how it turned out. Funny enough, when I think about it, I always laugh even though it goes down in my history book as the silliest thing I ever bought into. I blogged about it back then and you can read about it here…

How I got Scammed on WordPress

The current Joe also asks for donations via GoFundMe. If I had a job I would probably send him some money for his current projects because I like what he’s doing. Once bitten, twice nothing, I guess. You can check out Joe’s blog here…


Who Are You?

I fell into the same cultural mind trap that most people do when asked, “so, tell me a little about yourself.”

Not expecting the question, my brain went to the region that would provide the most comfortable answer. It went to that place that pulls out responses about employment and other attributes that make you appear “normal.”

It just goes to show you how the unconscious mind takes over in times when quick reactions are needed. It wasn’t a stressful situation but an interview with a stranger for a volunteer position to help the visually impaired is out of my comfort zone.

What’s really peculiar is that I have written about myself so often that when asked about myself I should have no problems throwing out answers. If I was really brilliant I would have just rehearsed my ‘About’ page from this blog because that’s who I really am…not some job I recently quit or the job I don’t have right now. I guess in certain situations I’m just looking to give people what I think they want to hear.