Something to Fight For

In some areas of the world they fight for peace, freedom and humanity.  They fight to live another day hoping to see a better tomorrow for themselves and their community.  In western society some of us fight to attain the glory that brings us the admiration from others.   There are also others in this society that fight for discounts on plastic consumer goods as if they were fighting to claim the last banana tree on Earth.  It’s really difficult to find meaning in life when all the basic needs are well taken care of.

The last banana tree on Earth would be worth fight for though.  Bananas are the most portable and one of the best tasting fruits out there.  It comes in a protective shell that can be easily peeled and used as a wrapper while consuming the lovely insides.  They are great for smoothies cause it thickens a drink into more of a semi-meal.  You can also use a banana to trick someone that you have the muzzle of a gun pointed against their back.


Perhaps it wasn’t the cheap prices that motivated this kind of behaviour but the human desire for competition?