Baked Lays vs Classic Lays Potato Chips

As a health conscious person now, I’m more picky with my junk food.  I don’t know if that even made any sense.  I’ve changed my ways immensely but I still have my vices and potato chips are one of them.  I think it’s the crunchiness and the salt that gets me.

With my regular cooking I like to bake instead of fry because frying just seems so unnatural so I started looking into baked potato chips.  I grabbed a bag of Baked Lays from the store shelf which promotes “lower fat” on the bag and discovered that the potatoes they use aren’t really the real thing.  Well, they are real potatoes but they’re dried.  On top of that they had to add more unnatural ingredients because I guess they had to compensate for the lower fat.

To me this seems like one of those things where you can’t have your cake and eat it too like an economy car that can’t go very fast or marrying a woman with huge boobs only to have them sag to her knees when she gets old or making shitloads of money but not having any time to spend much of it or drinking non-alcoholic beer.

I guess it comes down to if you think the extra fat is worse than the unnatural ingredients they’ve added.  The Baked Lays is also higher in carbohydrates and there’s also differences in other nutritional values.  You can be the judge but only god can judge me.