Good News For Eggs


This is probably unwelcomed news for some vegans.  The latest health news from the U.S. Government is that cholesterol will no longer be “considered a nutrient of concern for over-consumption.”  I was quite ecstatic when I heard this because it’s a step forward towards better food nutrition information.  For decades, saturated fat and cholesterol were thought of as demons in the health world based on bad science, and then hung around because of momentum.

Why would you believe anything the U.S. Government says?  This time is different.  They never wanted to admit that a diet high in dietary cholesterol was bad for you because it would make them look kind of silly after promoting the opposite for 50 years.

The theory on why eating too many eggs is bad for you came from the idea that eating dietary cholesterol translated in higher bodily cholesterol which is not the case.  On top of that, people with high levels of cholesterol are not at higher risk for heart disease than people with low cholesterol.

For a couple years I ate 16 eggs a week which alone would have put me over the daily recommended limit of cholesterol intake.  Just for kicks I signed up to have my cholesterol measured by a registered dietitian that my company recruited for a day.

“Your cholesterol levels are good.”

“I eat 16 eggs a week.”


“Ya, I don’t believe in that whole cholesterol thing.

I can’t say the myth was based on bad science because there wasn’t really any science done.  The research cherry picked data to demonize saturated fat and cholesterol.  Eggs contain high levels of cholesterol, therefore if you eat eggs you will get high cholesterol.   That was the science.  They never took a bunch of people to shove eggs down their throat to see if there would be any fluctuation in cholesterol levels.

I’m not going to go into it too much.  There’s plenty of information about Ancel Keys and his flawed study.  The Food Pyramid guidelines are ridiculous.  They recommend eating more of the bread and cereals group than the fruits and vegetables.

So go for it.  Have 3 eggs with your breakfast instead of 2.  There’s nothing wrong with having 3 yellow eyes staring at you with a crispy pork smile.

And why is it that every time you see a picture of bacon and eggs it’s always 2 eggs?

Working Off the Weight

Whenever you hear people talk about wanting to lose weight the first thing they mention is something to the tune of, “I have to start going to the gym.”  The truth is though, trying to lose significant weight through physical activity will be disappointing.  I’m no scientist but what you put in your mouth will account for about 80% of your weight loss goals.

Healthy weight loss is much like a healthy life…it can be sabotaged by believing in the wrong information.  People like to think they can eat anything they want as long as they exercise.  Unfortunately, to lose the weight you are going to have to suffer.  By suffer, I mean resisting that temptation that you would normally give into during the entire day.  The more that you have let yourself go the more you will have to suffer.  That’s generally the reason why people fail at their weight loss attempts…they don’t want to suffer and instead just tell themselves that they tried but it’s not possible for them.

The picture below indicates the amount of activity a 154 pound woman would need to do to work off a 360 calorie blueberry muffin.  Although not exactly accurate of course, it gives you an idea how ineffective physical activity is at burning energy.

Taken from TIME Magazine...Your Body

Taken from TIME Magazine…Your Body

According to this information, you can either lift weights for 115 minutes or you can just not put that muffin inside of you and get the same caloric result.  Of course, if you do physical activity for many hours it can have a huge impact on weight loss but do you want to do many hours of physical activity every day?  If you are looking to lose weight, I would suggest to concentrate on your diet first and not worry about trying to burn extra calories with physical activity.  It’s hard enough to change your diet to one that is less fun.  Adding physical activity to your day when you don’t want to may just break you.  Of course, if it’s no added mental stress to supplement with physical activity then go for it.

Washing Down Sugar with Sugar

Humans have certain cravings when it comes to taste.  These cravings are to ensure that you intake the required nutrients.  I haven’t read this anywhere but I’m sure it’s the case.

One of the cravings is sweetness and the only natural form of this in nature is fruit.  I guess honey is too but by far, fruit holds the Sweet Championship.  Fruits have many essential vitamins, minerals and often a decent amount of water.  An apple is comprised of about 80% water.  Cavemen didn’t have books on nutrition so they relied on their instincts to take care of them.

A main health concern is that we get too much sugar in our diet from unnatural sources like ice cream, sodas, desserts, etc.  We also get too much sugar from grain and wheat products like rice and bread.  We tend to include a significant amount of starchy carbohydrates in all of our meals.  Bread with your sandwiches, potatoes with your meat, rice with your stir fry.  Although they contain a significant amount of sugar, there is no sweetness to the taste so your craving for something sweet does not get satisfied.  To satisfy the sweet desire we often supplement our meals with dessert or a sugary drink.  Seems harmless but that’s a sugar overload.

When you take in too much sugar your body is put under stress and needs to do something with that excess sugar.  Once your muscles have been fully fueled, your body will start storing the remaining sugar into fat.  On top of that it is causing inflammation within your body and suppressing your immune system.  I would explain how inflammation works inside your body but I can’t which makes the rest of this article seem not very credible.  

For example, a McDonald’s meal consists of a burger, fries and a soft drink.  Each of them has about 50 grams of carbohydrates/sugar, combining for a total of about 150 grams.  That’s the equivalent of eating around 5 large bananas for a meal in terms of sugar intake.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat 5 bananas at one time or want to anyway.  The thought of it kind of grosses me out.  Although there is this 30 bananas a day diet that had some popularity.  I think there’s this natural instinct that stops us from ingesting too much of something but it only works well if the food that you are ingesting is natural.

I believe the biggest reason for weight gain and failure of weight loss is the abundance of sugar that is taken in at one time.  Even if you took in the same amount of sugar but were able to spread out the consumption throughout the day, I think it would have some positive impact on your weight.  It’s kind of like alcohol.  If you drink 5 shots of tequila within 15 minutes it would probably hit you pretty hard compared to taking those 5 shots in the span of 2 hours or longer.

I’m going to submit this article to the leading health and nutrition academies in hopes that they will publish my article in their next scientific journals.

My disgustingly healthy dinner



This morning I had my usual fruit and hemp protein powder drink but the day went downhill after that.  I had a huge muffin and then Vietnamese food…vermicelli, fried pork, spring roll along with some sauce.  Thinking about what I was going to have for dinner and the thought of more meat and starchy carbs disgusted me especially if it was going to be at a restaurant.

I already had all the ingredients to make this salad so I did.  It’s a half organic salad.   It consists of green leaf lettuce, carrots, sweet potato, avocado, hard boiled egg, strawberries and just a bit of vinegar as dressing.   After eating something like this you feel all light and normal instead of dead and inflamed inside.  I’d really like to do this on a daily basis.

I used to be a real meat guy.  If I didn’t have any meat with my meal then I didn’t consider it a real meal.  These days I’ve been eating less meat.  I don’t know, it just doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore.  So ya, you don’t got to be a hippie or a girl to eat this kind of stuff.

This sounds kind of gay but whenever I eat this healthy I feel like I’m more spiritually connected with the universe.  I feel like I’m a branch connected to the universe’s tree.  Life just seems a little more pleasant.   When I eat crap I feel like fertilizer.

A bit about health

Taking care or trying to take care of your health is a son of a bitch.  It’s really no fun most of the time and difficult to even know if you’re doing the right things.  With all the half ass studies and research, knowledge about health can be almost like a faith.  Since food is something everyone puts in their mouth everyday there’s always going to be misleading information from any group that benefits economically from it.  You really have to question everything and at the end of the day critically question with an open mind if the food, drink, vitamin, drugs, chemical you put in your body was ever meant to be for human consumption.


Very regularly you will hear of a new study that found a link that this causes this and that helps this.  When you listen to the wording it’s all the same.  They use words such as, “possible”,  “link”, “suggests”, “may be”, “correlation”.  It’s never even close to being conclusive and it’s never studied in a controlled environment.  Many of the health studies use thousands of people as their test subjects over many years but communicate their eating habits through memory and the honour system.  The other flaw is that the research doesn’t  accurately account for lifestyle or fact that not everyone puts the same exact types of foods in their body.  The test subjects and the lack of control are the downfalls to the credibility of all these studies.  You can’t say red meat is bad for people cause lots of people who are unhealthy eat red meat.  They are unhealthy cause they eat everything, anything and anytime.  To really know if a particular food is unhealthy you would have to strictly monitor a bunch of people and only have that one food be the difference in their diet.  Counting on thousands of people’s feedback over many years is unreliable.  People are full of shit.  Also the researchers will tailor the questions and answers to the benefit of what they want the study to show.

Another thing about health findings when it comes to food is that sometimes there was never even any research done.  For the longest time they were saying eating more than 4 eggs a week was bad for you cause it would give you high cholesterol.  That was based on logic which was based on nothing.   The idea was that eggs contain lots of cholesterol, therefore if you eat lots of eggs you will have high cholesterol.  That’s it.  They never took a bunch of people and shoved eggs in them and then checked to see if their cholesterol levels went up.  According to the recommended daily value (RDI), 1 egg meets the maximum dose of cholesterol per day.  How do they even come up with what the RDI is?  I have no idea.  I don’t even know how one can.  The whole egg myth has been debunked.  They took like 30 people and shoved 1 egg in them a day for 30 days and their cholesterol didn’t go up at all.  Dietary cholesterol does not translate into high bodily cholesterol.   I could go on forever about food and nutrition myths.  I can almost say that anything taught in school about food and nutrition was bogus except that junk food is bad for you.

Sometimes they say this food has a lot of this so you should eat lots of it and it becomes the new superfood.  No one I knew was eating kale until recently.  I never even heard of it until recently.  More recently coconut water has been all the rage.  You couldn’t even find this stuff on supermarket shelves a few  years ago now they’re everywhere and people buy them in cases.  It’s more about money it seems than health.  A lot of foods are high in certain nutrients but there’s no information on how your body absorbs them or if it’s even able to.


What do you think of when you hear this word?  Something to the tune of getting off alcohol, drugs or maybe sticking up something up your butt.  To me anytime you’re not putting anything in your body you are detoxing or cleansing.  Everytime you put something in your body you’re making your body work and sometimes you make it work too hard.  You know when you drink too much liquor the next morning you feel like crap and the last thing you want is to even smell booze.  That’s your body telling you that you are an idiot and anymore of this stuff anytime soon will hurt you even more.

Another example is when you get a stomach ache and don’t want to eat or drink anything.  Your body is trying to clean itself from whatever crap you poisoned it with and it’s not ready to take anything in.

In a not so extreme example, have you ever thought about what you wanted to eat for dinner but everything that comes to mind does not appeal to you no matter how many choices you have?  You’re just sick of what you normally eat?  It could be that it’s your body’s way of saying it doesn’t want any of the crap you always put in there.

So whenever you’re making your body work overtime it’s probably not good for you.

If you drank 5 beers in 1 hour you would get a pretty good buzz.  If you drank 5 beers throughout the whole day then you’d probably be ok.  I think how you eat something is just as important as what you eat.  If you eat too much bad stuff in one sitting it’s like overdosing.  Although you won’t die your body is not liking the amount of unhealthy food at one time.   It’s a healthier option to take your unhealthy food in small doses instead of binge eating.  How do you feel after 4 slices of pizza or 4 pieces of fried chicken?  A lot worse than if you only had 1.


It seems that the definition for this term is…something that can be eaten and you won’t die right away and if you do end up dying from it years later then no one can prove it.

What to eat and what not to eat

I don’t have an answer for this one.  My take on it is, eat the foods that make you feel your best.  If something is making you feel funny then it’s probably not good for you.  Also, if you regularly have shitty experiences in the crapper that’s another sign.  I think you have to try to get your vitamins and minerals from plant sources as part of your regular diet.  That’s just the way the human body was designed just like how a car can only take certain fuel.  A new car can take some abuse but after some years it’s going to let you down.

Conclusion for now

Even the most popular healthy eating gurus admittedly eat unhealthy food.  You’re fooling yourself if you think you can resist the likes of ice cream, potato chips, beer, chocolate, uppers, downers, cookies, cakes, pies, fast food, something that you’ve never seen before but comes in a package and is sold at a legitimate supermarket.  We’ll put anything in our mouth as long as it is considered “safe”.   I would consider myself to be regularly health conscious but I am also regularly consuming foods not healthy or downright unhealthy.  Sometimes I just don’t give a shit.  I think to myself… so what if I put shit in my body sometimes.  To do something that’s not a lot of fun like always eating healthy, school or anything, there really has to be a good reason and often there has to be a strong belief of a reward at the end.   Who would torture themselves in university studying something they don’t like if they didn’t think it would possibly amount to something?  Actually I know a few but they still had their reasons.  Social pressure is a bitch.  I could only see myself almost always eating healthy if I felt I needed to lose weight, my doctor said I’m a gluttonous unhealthy bastard who is a detriment to the health care system who will suffer horrible consequences, or if I always felt like crap.  Otherwise I can’t find the motivation to care that much.


A little bit about hemp

This video clip that I cut out is about hemp and the conspiracy behind it being illegal and the amazing uses hemp could be used for.  Trees that get cut down to make the paper we use, take 20 years to grow back but hemp plants that produce a better quality paper take just 4 months.

For a more in depth look behind the story of marijuana and hemp, there’s a good documentary called, “The Union” The Business Behind Getting High.”

Here’s a link to a website with some interesting facts about hemp.

I”m a regular user of hemp protein powder cause it’s the most natural nutritious protein powder out there.  Have a look at the ingredients between hemp protein powder vs whey protein powder and it’s very apparent which one is more natural.  Hemp protein powder can have just one ingredient, hemp protein.  Whey protein powder usually has an ingredient list a mile long.

Have a listen!

Overweight Vegans?

There’s this popular belief that if you’re a vegan or vegetarian that it will turn you into a fatless person who will have a great looking healthy body.  I can tell you out of the 3 that I know, none of them are healthy looking.  One guy is fat, one woman has a double chin and the other woman is borderline anorexic looking.  I have no doubt that there are lots of vegan/vegetarians that have healthy looking bodies but that’s only if they’re dedicated to a “healthy” vegan/vegetarian diet.

With a paleo/primal diet you can actually eat an unhealthy paleo/primal diet and still not be fat.  When I say unhealthy I mean eating the dirtiest, fattest meats even the processed kinds.  What are the main differences of these 2 diets?  One allows you to eat all the meat you want with no starchy carbohydrates or refined sugars and the other allows you no restrictions on carbohydrates and sugar but no meat.

I suppose overweight vegans and vegetarians can say it’s the fat from all the pastries and desserts but I think it’s the excess carbohydrates and refined sugar.  They can also try to blame it on metabolism or genetics but in the end there’s no one to blame but Uncle Ben, Cracker Jack, Dr. Pepper and their own denial.

I was reading a local newspaper today and that is the reason for this post.  There was an article on new vegan restaurants opening around town and it had a picture of the owner and she was ummm, hmmmm, I don’t know what to say.  Not what most in the medical community or the general public would consider to be an ideal body size?  I’m sure she’s nice though.  I have this feeling that people are going to hate me.  I often get this feeling quite often.  Nice blogs finish last?

You can view the article by clicking HERE.


If you’re going to eat chocolate…

When one’s goal is to lose weight, chocolate is often high on the list as a food to reject.  If you’re still hung up on the fact that eating fat is the number one reason why you get fat then I guess no chocolate for you.  If broccoli was another word for overweight then people would think eating too much broccoli would make you fat.  If you manage to unwash your brain though you can unsinfully enjoy high percentage dark chocolate.  You might not like it as much as milk chocolate but it does the job.

I’ve been eating 85% dark chocolate and there’s enough sweetness to it for gratification.  See, chocolate in its natural state is healthy for you.  There’s no sugar added to it yet.  Sugar, hydrogenated oils and a bunch of other ingredients I can’t pronounce is what makes most chocolate bars crappy for you.

The higher the percentage of cocoa the less sugar it has and too much sugar in your diet is what makes people fatty.  Next time you’re at the supermarket compare the nutritional information of 85% chocolate to regular chocolate and you’ll be blown away.  Like boom!  The amount of fibre, protein and iron is amazing.


The only thing more boring than watching someone sleep is reading about someone else’s  sleeping life but even if that’s true at least it will help you sleep.

My whole life I hardly ever got enough sleep.  High school was a struggle to wake up and after school I would always fall asleep in front of the TV.  Sleeping was just not a priority and was super underrated.  Getting 8 hours asleep didn’t really add to your coolness or get you any girls.

After graduation the workforce didn’t help my sleeping situation much.  I continued to only get 5 hours of sleep usually.  I was a zombie! There’s people out there who function just fine with little sleep but after a couple decades of life, I’ve realized I’m not one of them.  I’m irritable, unhappy and just lazy mentally and physically if I don’t get 7-8 hours and I only realized recently lack of sleep was the issue.

Why am I even writing about this?  Cause it’s a major health issue, physically and mentally.  Chronic lack of sleep really f’s with your hormones which will screw with your body.  It basically causes stress within your body.  Sleeping is good for your health!  No joke bloke.

I used to think I hated my job cause of the job but after I started sleeping properly I realized a good or bad day at work depended on how many hours of sleep I got.  The world is brighter.

You have to be on a schedule too.  You just can’t sleep at anytime and expect to feel just as good just cause you got 8 hours.  I had many months of not having to wake up at anytime but I still felt like crap cause I would sleep at all different hours depending on the social activity I engaged.  Waking in the morning hours does actually make you feel better.

So do yourself a favour and sleep like it’s your job.  Get to bed the same time everynight no matter what cause you don’t want to be late, sleep 8 hours and when you get off your sleep shift you’ll be energized and happy just like when you’re free from your crappy job after 8 hours.  Trust me it will change your life and you’ll never look back.  I’m not sure why I’m assuming whoever is reading this is not getting enough sleep but that just seems to be the norm and the norm is usually wrong and you don’t want to be wrong.

It’s not just what you eat but how you eat it

If you drank 5 beers in 1 hour you would probably be pretty intoxicated.  If you drank the same 5 beers over the course of a day then you’d be a lot better off in terms of drunkenness and body functions.  The same goes for eating.  If you had 5 donuts in 1 hour it would do much more harm to your body than if you  ate those donuts over the course of the whole day.

Your body needs to detoxify.  If you don’t give it time to detoxify then it reacts negatively.  In the case of the donuts your blood sugar would skyrocket, you would be promoting more fat storage and it would cause more inflammation.  Maybe next time, instead of eating 1 donut a day you can cut it into 3 pieces and eat it for dessert after every meal.  Why can I not see that happening?  Mmmmm.. donuts.