About #2

When you tell people about yourself you usually speak in the present at least to some degree. My first ‘about’ page was written in 2012 so I figure it needs an update.

I’m still a bastard child but I’m no longer doing my 9-5 job.

“I do work a regular job with a similar schedule but I haven’t accepted it as life yet.”
– About(2012)

I honour thy word like a true bastard samurai.

This blog began like how most blogs begin…no direction and then deserted. I came back to it and it has taken many different directions since. I’d like to think of this blog as a reflection of my real life and thoughts, and hopefully an eventual positive evolution.

Every year of blogging that has gone by allows me to see the gradual changes within myself. When your thoughts are physically transformed into written words you are reminded some time in the future how you have changed. It’s almost like a photograph of your old self where you can easily pick out the differences. Luckily, words don’t get fatter or wrinklier as time goes on.

I don’t write searching for sympathy, to offend or for some sort of validation. You read this for entertainment so I have to write to entertain. If you consider writing an art form then in order for it to be any good it has to make you feel something…laugh, cry, think, mesmerize…something.

Hope you stick around. If you’re part of this blog then you’re part of my life.



7 comments on “About #2

  1. Howdy Mr. Johnson. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I totally agree with you about long-time blogging revealing a progression in oneself. I haven’t been blogging either as long or as frequently as you yet I see changes in myself as well. Posting a second About page is another good way of sharing that evolution (I usually just overwrite my existing one). Wishing you many more years of self-discovery and fun.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Hi Xena. I think most people just rewrite their About page. However, I am more brilliant than most….lol.

      When you realize positive changes occur you think about it more and implement it into your life. Even when you don’t see positive changes it can alert you that something needs to be done. Blog posts have a way of taking you back to your past thoughts and feelings.

      Glad you dropped by and left a comment.


  2. Nice to meet you again!


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