Friday Defeat

After eating a chocolate bar for dinner while laying in bed, I felt like such a loser I had to write about it. My previous meal to that was microwavable frozen macaroni & cheese. I just referred to the chocolate bar as a meal. I’m withholding additional information because I’m too embarrassed to reveal it publicly. My only redeeming action today was that I took Baby the dog to see an old lady who adores her. Baby doesn’t much like the elderly because they have dry and shaky hands.

While eating dinner in bed tonight, I was scrolling through this woman’s Twitter feed. She’s often griping about everything including her self-proclaimed shitty life. She’s in her 30s and poor. The future of this world could have a lot of her type roaming around. She hates capitalism and every 10 days or so she’ll ask strangers on Twitter for money.

“buy me a drink?”

“want to buy me breakfast?”

“I ran out of money. Anything would help.”

Every now and then I check out her Twitter feed mostly because it makes me feel better about my life. I’m less embarrassed to admit to this than the Doritos I ate after the macaroni & cheese. It may appear low of me to get good feelings from the misfortunes of others but it’s just another form of practicing gratitude. I wouldn’t get as much pleasure from this though if she wasn’t such a miserable human being who also blocked me on Twitter.

After seeing the many tweets from many Twitter users regarding not having money, I have concluded some thoughts:

  • Don’t not have money
  • If you don’t have money then you’re going to have to cut costs regardless of what you believe you’re entitled to

If you live in a developed country then chances are you have the opportunity to earn more than enough money. Often, it’s a matter of if your want for more money exceeds your desire for your present comfort. It’s a free country, you get to choose.

It’s been over 5 years since I quit my most recent full-time employment. Since then I could have studied and worked to be a certified plumber, as an example. You, also, could be a certified plumber who could charge someone almost anything when they take a giant shit and clog their toilet. “I bet you like taking shits. I’d bet even more that you would pay a lot of money to be able to do it again.” That’s how impolite you can be when you’re a plumber. “Pay me or forever hold your shit.”

Much of the woes that non-old people feel from their financial hardships are attributed to seeing the elders in their family spank the monkey their whole lives and be able to live a comfortable existence with a pension in the end. Life was really hard for a long time and then fairly easy and now not as easy. People have difficulties adjusting on the way down. So anyone want to buy me a chocolate bar?

Disclosure: The author owns shares of Twitter and laziness. The author may have also laid in bed for 3 hours after waking up in the morning.

One comment on “Friday Defeat

  1. I love this post. You make me smile Mr J.

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