Some guy at the park mentioned that he wanted to grow a marijuana plant which inspired me to want to grow a marijuana plant. I went and bought a 4-pack of seeds, potting mix and then while I put it all together I decided that I might as well start some tomato and cilantro plants. This experience is another lesson in how things can happen if you just start. I don’t have much of a clue on how to grow cannabis plants but I have a feeling that some people make it sound more difficult than it really has to be. I had cilantro plants grow on my lawn by literally throwing seeds there and allowing nature to do the rest.

This guy at the park is 54 years old and is likely getting an early retirement package from his boomer job due to the ramifications of COVID. He’s at that age now where he’s been with the company for an eternity which has resulted in him being old and overpaid. Before COVID, he was planning on working a few more years but since having a year off of work he has come to realize he was on a treadmill. Humans have a tendency to remain in their routine if the idea of changing it brings fear. The treadmill you know is better than the devil you don’t. Again, that might have been Confucius who said that or maybe his understudy.

As for me, I have a tendency to put myself in precarious situations with stocks when I do not necessarily have to. Two months ago I had ample supplies and was on a hill high enough so that any flood would not even touch my feet. I’m still sitting on top of the hill but I have eaten all of my food and the water has been rising. I’m safe but I don’t like wet feet and especially do not like wet underwear. Wet clothing dries but you’re limited with what you want to do when wearing wet socks undies. If things get bad I may have to eat my own regurgitation for awhile.

My young friend at the liquor store will be working his last day there this week. Last time I met with him I discovered that he’s very into psychedelics. My first pressing question to him was, “so can you get me some LSD?” He believes psychedelics are responsible for positively changing his life. I’m going to really miss having him so nearby because I truly enjoyed dropping by to talk to him. The conversations I would have with my former high school friends who are almost twice his age aren’t even half as stimulating. I suppose it’s because he’s curious about life and not closed off to new ideas. The general population does not want to explore ideas that do not align with their comfort zone. They’re afraid everything they believe which frames their lives might collapse under the slightest pressure.

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