Expiring Crutch

It’s interesting how early on a person’s given advantages and disadvantages forms their future life. An article I read a while ago will enter my consciousness now and again about a woman who was found to be intellectually gifted at a young age, cruised through grade school but became fairly mediocre as an adult. She said her downfall was expecting life to be as easy for her as it was in grade school as well as a fear of failure partly due to never having to leave her comfort zone of being smart.

Many people, maybe most, rely on the one or two advantages that come easy to them to get by in life. The motivation seems to be to get by with the least discomfort as possible. The pain hits you when those advantages that helped you at one period turn out to have a best before date without you realizing it until expiry is just around the corner. The corded telephone was great for decades until it wasn’t.

“My rotary phone doesn’t run out of battery.”

“I don’t want people trying to reach me when I’m not home.”

When life is working out for you at a young age, you tend to believe that it will always be that way. What you won’t believe is that you will go from hero to zero. The 16-year-old guy who all the girls like is not thinking that one day he will have a hard time finding one attractive female to fancy him. There’s also the other side of the coin where the teenage boy who received zero female attention ends up falling foolishly for the first woman who is willing to abuse him. The lesson is that no matter what life hands you in the beginning you will probably live a disappointing life because you’re probably not hardworking or courageous enough. At some point you’ll likely rationalize a mental crutch to hold you up.

Thursday Randomness

I had just written a post but I decided not to publish it. Instead you get this one when my battery is low and I have no real idea what to write. A few months ago I just decided to stop drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Well, it’s been working out. I may have one beer a week or not even. Sometimes you know when you’re bullshitting yourself and other times you’re convinced you’re for real. Also, I have started jogging. My goal is to have everyone in the neighbourhood see me jogging so that they feel bad about their lethargic lives. Life is about being better than others so that you feel a superiority over them. I’ve also started my prison style workout by randomly doing push-ups throughout the day. When you feel that you are better than someone it boosts your serotonin.

Like many others I’ve been entertaining the idea of travelling when this whole Chinese virus is done with. The one issue I see is TWA(Travelling While Asian). I’m afraid that I’ll be treated like a middle eastern person after the 9/11 attacks. Get ready for a decade of TV shows and movies with Chinese virus plot lines.

Twitter limited my account activities because one of my tweets included the words, “killing yourself.” It wasn’t even in the context of suicide but bots and whiny millennials don’t discriminate. These days it’s easier to publish the words, “go fuck yourself.” I’ll try that tomorrow.

Oldie but Goodie

It was probably around 20 years ago when I first watched the movie, The Fabulous Baker Boys, starring the Bridges brothers and Michelle Pfeiffer. I watched it again today from a recording on my PVR. Media today is like clean running water — you can get a lot if it and from almost anywhere. We defecate on such an important resource because we can which is why it’s hard to get excited about an abundance of TV shows and movies at your disposal.

I believe what I enjoyed about the 1989 film was that it was centered around the lives of losers who did nothing but lose during the entire movie but in an enjoyable, sad realistic manner. Jeff Bridges is the good looking loser who gets lucky with women but is the most unkind and pissed off out of the trio of stars. Beau Bridges is your conventional unhappy loser who tries hard to pretend he’s not. Michelle Pfieffer’s character could be compared to the good looking woman with a crappy life who could easily have a better life if she did what most good looking women do but she refuses. They’re all losers at this point in life though for the same reasons why most people are losers. They don’t dream big enough, aren’t good enough or they don’t try hard enough. They fall into the category of life of ‘life sucks but it has its moments.’ Some people don’t even have those moments.

In the end, the 3 of them get what was probably always coming to them. The miserable guy is left with no one. The normal guy has his family to support with his miserable existence. The good looking woman who may be attracted to losers continues to roll the dice hoping to make it before her looks go. The ending leaves you with a glimmer of hope for these miserable souls. None of them are in a good place but they give you hope that there’s still some good puffs left in the cigar.

This blog post was brought to you by the need to feel I did something productive today before the day ends.