Mexicans and Biden FTW

During the summer a crew of young Mexicans painted the house. Their price was so cheap it beat the Chinese guy’s quote by half. In the end though it was a case of you get what you pay for. Non-immigrants hate and like immigrants for the same reason — they work hard and often times for less money.

In the last few years I have noticed an influx of Mexican workers. I asked the leader of the crew why he’s up here in Canada instead of America. He said something about a lot of Mexican Americans have dislike towards his type of Mexican. Newly immigrated Mexican? Undocumented Mexican?

Now and again some non-Asian will ask me if I know of a good Chinese restaurant. I can never give a good recommendation and feel ashamed because of it. I asked this guy if he knew of a good Mexican restaurant. I took public transit yesterday to visit the restaurant he recommended. When multiple people began packing onto the bus I thought to myself, ‘why am I on this bus?’ I spent most of the ride in a seat with the front of my face an inch from the window to discourage the Chinese virus particles from violating my air passages.

It was a sad sight in downtown Vancouver. Numerous vacant storefronts and not a lot of foot traffic. The Mexican food was good. Way too many carbohydrates for one meal — rice, beans and tortillas.

There was a story on the news on how people are using the province’s gambling site to bet on the American election. I’m a monkey so I signed up and placed a $100 bet. I have confidence Biden will win. Whoever is voting for Trump again is a fool. He had his 4 years and didn’t bring back the coal mines or jobs. He’d have a better chance making the rotary telephone great again. I’m not sure if he did anything. If you’re voting for Trump this time you might be a humongous fool or a miserable creature.

Nobody likes Mexicans more than I do.

Focusing on my Visions

Last night while in bed I craved fresh bread, Italian deli meats and gourmet cheese. I imagined myself eating such a meal and I felt like a king. Today, I set out to achieve my dream. Mission accomplished. And it was everything I hoped it would be.

Just now I had a craving for moist scrambled eggs. I have intentions to act on this craving tomorrow. I’m a winner.

Socrates said, thou should eat to live; not live to eat. Socrates was a loser who lived in a time without refrigerators and deep fryers. I guarantee you he never tasted an onion ring.

They say you should set small goals first. If I can consistently achieve my food goals then I may move on to world domination.


While there have been millions of attention seekers trying to get internet famous using their expensive video gear along with days of effort, a 22 second selfie video of a man and a bottle of cranberry juice has beaten them all. If I had to guess why the video has gone so viral I would say it’s because the guy gives off the appearance of someone who is carefree. He’s riding a skateboard(without a helmet), drinking a big bottle of cranberry juice while listening to the song, Dreams, by Fleetwood Mac. As a bonus he doesn’t look like the type to groove to Fleetwood Mac with his non-corporate haircut and tattoo. Coincidentally or not, the part of the song that was played had the word, “freedom.” He must be carefree to be drinking something with so much sugar in it.

People are always looking for something different whether it’s better or not. We’ve been so used to videos trying to dazzle us with their videography, outrageous stunts or meaningful messages that a 22 second video clip with no ambitious intentions is refreshing. The ones who have spent countless hours producing videos for YouTube with little success look at this guy and feel like the people who spent their whole life studying and working hard for mediocre results while seeing their lazy friend cruising by winning the lottery. Good for you Doggface208!

My friend cancelled our plans today to eat overpriced food and play snooker. He said he was feeling sick — the oldest excuse in the book. My plans to go for a walk have been thwarted by the rain which also means the dog is not going for a walk. She doesn’t like to get her feet wet.

While most people are at their jobs getting ready for the weekend to recover from the forced binge of the weekly grind, I ingested some magic mushrooms. I’m signing off now to see you on the other side.