Unintended Big Brother

There’s a liquor store that is walking distance from my home that I like to support instead of the cheaper government liquor stores. What I really mean is that I like to support them but I truly only buy from them because it’s closer. People stop being noble when it’s inconvenient. Most of the time I chat a little bit with the lone clerk who is working there and get out. Not too long ago I asked this one clerk if he was currently a student? He had never attended post secondary. The people working there are almost always in their early 20s with no clue of what they want to be doing with their lives. Marvin was no different.

“Oh shit. You’re just like me when I was your age,” I said to him.

I’ve never given life advice to any of the young clerks there. I’ll ask what they plan to do and they don’t answer as if they’re in any despair so I’ll just say, “cool” and move on. But Marvin started asking questions. I told him some of my bold moves in life and also some of my horse shit ones. He was genuinely interested.

Since our initial conversation we’ve had a few more. Marvin is smart and personable enough but that’s about it. His work ethic and motivation are lacking. I’ve arrived at a comfortable place with him. Comfortable enough to call him a pussy when necessary.

“If you can’t quit this job then what can you do?” I said to him.

He says he likes that I don’t sugarcoat things. After a few conversations I came up with a small profile of him. I had a feeling that he may have come from a broken home of some sort and that there was a 50% chance that he didn’t have his driver’s license. Sure enough that was the case. Funny enough, or not, the whole roster of liquor store clerks there have divorced parents. Marvin struck me as a guy who avoided doing anything that was somewhat difficult if he didn’t have to. It’s possible that I’m not with the times so I asked him if any of his friends do not have their driver’s license. He replied that all of them have it. “That’s not a good sign, is it?” he asks. “It might not be,” I said.

I ask myself what would have motivated me when I was his age of 23. Realistically, other than a stroke of good luck — nothing. Discomfort and uncertainty would not be a world I would enter if not absolutely necessary. When you’re young, time is your friend until it becomes your enemy. The ultimate trick that life plays on everyone is that you have no clue how you will feel about anything or anyone in the future. You make your bets and hope that they work out but if they don’t then hopefully you would have hedged your bets well enough to be able to live with yourself.

The common thing to say is that he’s still young, he’ll figure it out. Maybe. But would you bet your left kidney on him and be able to sleep at night? Being clueless in your 20s in the year 1980 is much different than today. From what it sounds like, Marvin is not going to receive any significant parental assistance. Marvin also doesn’t want to work a job when he grows up. That might be okay except Marvin is lazy/uninspired/unmotivated. I know Marvin’s type. I was Marvin. I know many Marvins and they never figured it out. Life figured it out for them by leaving them the leftovers. Leftovers don’t sound so bad until you have to eat them every day for the rest of your life.

Unpaid City Worker

Yesterday, in front of my home, the white car pictured above was parked in the wrong direction between 2 other vehicles. This morning I guess they decided to right their wrong but I assume parallel parking was too much of a challenge for them. The legal parked distance from the curb is 30 centimetres. This car from my estimation was/is 105 cm from the curb. I wasn’t going to dwell on the shitty parking but I was noticing large vehicles having difficulties passing through. There was only one home in the vicinity that I thought would know about the ownership of the vehicle. As a stand-up neighbour I knocked on their door to inquire, but no one answered.

A few more hours had passed and as well as many more vehicles with drivers probably thinking, “I bet my left kidney an Asian parked that car.” If that’s racist then we’re all at least a little racist. I’m sure the self-righteous would say, “you shouldn’t sterotype.” To that I say, I bet they wouldn’t bet their left kidney that it wasn’t an Asian. Calm down, I’m Asian. If that’s not good enough for you then GFYS.

As a good citizen I put on my superhero outfit and took the next logical step of informing the city of this infraction. Yes, I ratted them out. While wearing my underwear over my track pants, I sent the city an email. They replied with an automated response that said due to COVID-19 they are prioritizing health and safety concerns first and then the most concerning traffic offences. It was either a slow COVID day or they deemed this offence to be a priority because there was a ticket on their windsheild not too long after I sent the email.

I’m not sure how I feel about my new-found identity as a snitch. I’m dreading the possibility of the thought that the offensive parker may have had a good reason to park 3-4 feet from the curb. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.” That’s a little dramatic, and maybe not even fitting for this situation.

No Sale

Just a few minutes ago I was a few clicks away from purchasing an overpriced sweatshirt that was on sale making it a somewhat good deal. It is regular priced at $95(way too much), on sale for $64.99(still too much), discounted another 40% from the ‘still too much’ price. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

After the 40% discount it comes up to $41.99 plus taxes and shipping. The $7 shipping was the deal breaker. If I were to spend $75 then shipping would be free. I bargained with myself searching for another item to buy and then bargained further by thinking if there was anyone I could buy a Christmas gift for. A gloomy feeling came over me when I came to the conclusion that there is no one I want to buy a gift for. Well, maybe my dog.

Others probably detest the number of people they have to buy Christmas gifts for. This is the part where you think or hope I’m going to tell you that they’re the lucky ones. 75% of the people they buys gifts for are not worth it. They buy gifts for them because they do not want to find out what happens if they do not — obligatory guilt gifting. A small part of these people wish those 75% of people would move far away or die.

As negotiations broke down I decided that I could live without this sweatshirt.

Unstimulating Trail

There’s a trail by my home. It might be the most boring trail but I’m glad to have it. It’s a 3.4 km straight path that looks the same no matter where you are on the trail. Every day for the last few days I’ve been walking from one end to the other and back for nothing other than to achieve a sense of well-being. Walking is a lazy retard’s exercise. You put one foot in front of the other as slowly or as quickly as you like. Ideally, I like to walk the trail in the morning instead of laying in bed for 2 hours procrastinating the start of the day.

The American stock market has recovered and has gone on to make new highs during this pandemic. People are likely calling this a scam — likely the same people who have not benefitted from this rigged system. Ladies, gentlemen, kids, you have to understand that life is rigged. Your aim should be to understand how it’s rigged so that you can get ahead of it and laugh at those who cry foul.

It’s alleged that the market resiliancy is due to “the Fed” injecting trillions of stimulus dollars dwhich has propped up the market. This action should be considered rigged to the same extreme as a parent providing handouts to their children. If junior loses his job and is 30 days from having his home foreclosed on, his parents(the Fed) are going to save the day(bail out) especially if it was the parents who provided a sizeable down payment(stimulus) in the first place. People consider their offspring too big to fail.

Stocks go up if the numbers look favourable — often it doesn’t matter how or why. Do you think Meghan Markle really cared that what’s his face became prince by no merit of his own? He’s a prince — period, end of story. It’s a rigged system, what are you going to do about it?

If you a high IQ then use it to your advantage. If you have tits — use them. If you have nothing then just meditate all day — concentrate on your breath because everything else in your life sucks and you’re hopeless. Don’t feel too sorry for yourself if you think your life sucks. At least you were born in a developed country. Millions if not billions are crying foul at your geographical fortune. Blame your parents for not providing you with enough stimulus. That’s a joke, maybe. Although, too much stimulus makes you a pussy. Cowards never win.