Hangover Discoveries

Two years ago I wasn’t doing much with my time at all. I justified this act of caloric preservation with the money I was “earning” from the stock market. If I had been working a job and doing nothing else nobody would criticize me so as long as I was generating income then it should be acceptable, I thought. During that time I was drinking alcoholic beverages without much deliberation like how a young person would during summer vacation. Alcohol can take precedence when there is seemingly nothing to be sacrificed.

Along the way I’ve been picking up things to do that have slowly burned a place into my life. Alcohol tends to disrupt the success rate of progress with these interests. Excessive alcoholic consumption is often used as an escape and if you’re escaping too often it may indicate you don’t like your life very much. This thought dawned on me as I was laying in bed with a slight hangover for the third instance in a week. My regular scheduled programming had been disrupted too much for me not to take notice.

For once in my life I wanted the life I became accustomed to which involved the progress of my interests instead of the engagement of low class pleasures that do nothing but degrade life. Some people believe that people get hooked on drugs because the drugs are just so powerful. Another theory is that the addict does not believe they have anything much better to live for or that they’re escaping psychological trauma.

Right now, I’d rather have a life that involves progress for effort rather than recovery for killing time. I’m taking this epiphany as a positive sign.

Gathering of Degenerate Gamblers

10:54 PM, like life the casinos are filled with degenerate gamblers. When the odds are against you and have always been against you, one would think you should walk away. Instead, many rush in to put their money on the table while drinking $10 alcoholic beverages. It’s a double loss. The real tsunami will arrive in the morning though.

Mr. Johnson will be sitting out this impending natural disaster even though he’s been drinking $10 beers throughout the PM. because he is greater than all these fools.

Life is often a play starring degenerate gamblers. Herds of people rushing in to bet it all on bad odds believing God has chosen them to be the lucky one. Wise men will tell you that you should bet on the probability rather than the small possibility. But life is built on the ones who gamble large and win. Life cares not of who fails but who succeeds. Someone will succeed.

Life uses the many losers to help the few win. The way it sees it is the losers help the winners but the losers don’t see it that way. The losers only care for themselves. It doesn’t matter though because the losers will die and be forgotten.

The eye in the sky might be spying on my blog post. Pathetic losers. They’re zooming in on me drinking my overpriced import beer while writing this blog post. Happy Holidays.

Having Kids and Anti-natalism

Some nights you search for videos of women farting and other times you might be interested what the internet has to say on people regretting reproducing. It seemed that most results centered around the testimonies of regretful mothers.

People have a tendency to say they’ll do things when they don’t have to do them at the moment. Just as common, people will say they won’t do things in the future but when the future arrives their former convictions don’t age too well. Young women can be found saying that they don’t know if they want to have children but about 85% of women will end up having a child. The odds say that they’re probably full of shit.

When you’re young it’s much easier to speak and dream boldly because humans especially when young, often have an optimism bias, meaning they believe the future will turn out to their liking. The reality is that a person’s desires usually don’t become reality because their work ethic, skill, discipline and ambition are not aligned with their wishes.

Most people, if they work hard enough will be fortunate enough to live mediocre lives of conformity. In order to conform effectively one must have children. Conforming in your 20s is easy. All you need is a shitty job, a few friends and deodorant. When a person nears their 30s and they’re not close to being a person doing what they think a person should be doing in their 30s they feel a medium grip of fear around their necks. They might abandon their ship of dreams for the SS Panic that guarantees them the feeling of smooth sailing for the interim.

In one of the regretful mother articles I came across the term, anti-natalism.

“…a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth. Antinatalists argue that people should abstain from procreation because it is morally bad (some also recognize the procreation of other sentient beings as morally bad).”

The idea behind anti-natalism is that there is more suffering in life than there is pleasure or non-suffering. David Benatar, perhaps the most well-known anti-natalist proponent, says that chronic pain exists everywhere but no one’s ever experienced chronic pleasure. Why force someone into a game they can’t win?

The sad reality is that babies are often used by adults to serve themselves, sometimes for almost nefarious intentions. A more innocent reason to have a baby is the life long desire to have a family. A less innocent reason is succumbing to cultural pressures. An even less innocent reason is a woman trapping a man, any man, to be with her because her age, social standing and possibly financial situation puts her in a perceived precarious situation. It’s a little suspicious when a woman in her 30s accidentally becomes pregnant with a man she hasn’t been with for very long.

I don’t have a strong opinion if people should have babies or not. Definitely some people shouldn’t. Whether morally wrong or not the majority of people are going to continue having kids. Even if one believes it’s morally wrong they’ll still likely have children. Your actions are not considered bad if enough people engage in the same activity. As long as the fear of not having children is significant then people are going to continue on doing so. Fear by far is the biggest motivator in life.