The Internet Saved My Life

Without the advent of the internet I’d probably be a grunt worker unwilling to expand his mind which would leave me hopeless and unaware. Because of the internet I can easily research and invest in the stock market, accumulate knowledge, publish my writing, search for other opportunities and a list of other things. Without the internet I would be too discouraged to explore the aforementioned. Technology tends to remove the barrier to entry.

Not everyone and maybe most people do not use the internet for anything but entertainment and convenience. They look up sports highlights, prank videos on YouTube, stuff to buy and of course porn. Someone’s internet habits tells you a lot about them. When all the information in the world becomes very accessible but you spend all of your time on the internet watching fart videos it means you’re not interested in knowing any more than you already know. People generally only attain as much knowledge as they need to fit in with their peer group. If you’re much smarter or dumber than your group you risk the possibility of being ousted. No one admires the dummy or the person who makes them feel like a dummy.

Before the internet the winner of an argument was the one who could convince more people in the room that they were right. If Mike, Bob and Herb say dog shit is high in protein then they win. “Bob’s always right. He graduated from university.”

When I’m having a hard time convincing someone of a fact or historical data I stop myself and tell them to look it up on the internet. A question that I sometimes find odd is, “how do you know this stuff?” That was a valid question pre-internet because no one knew anything unless if it was their profession or knowledge passed down from family. Often my question to people is, why don’t you know? It’s your affliction or problem and you know next to nothing about it? I’m convinced that sometimes people are too scared of what they might discover. Ensuring comfort in the present is the priority.



Brain Asylum

With age the stakes can become higher or at least feel that way. There’s often higher sums of money involved, time becomes more valuable and the potential of tremendous regret is one epiphany away. In desperate situations the mind often seeks comfort in any crazy way it can attain it.

Tell yourself that it will be blue skies ahead and those high hopes can leave you hanging from the neck. Was the blue sky you envisioned the one above you that everyone else could see or just a piece you painted that no one else was buying?  It’s easier to just continue to sail in the direction of the momentum even if the forecast calls for a 20 year storm.

When one cannot handle reality they often turn to religion, substances or insanity. The very latter is often the weapon of choice — it’s free and runs autonomously. Refusal of truth feeds the insanity. The mental madhouse of cards uses a weak mind to remain strong.