Productivity Monday

It was a great normal day. At breakfast I was wondering why my mood was above average. More than sufficient sleep will do that to a person. If I had to choose between good sleep every day with only McDonald’s meals versus poor sleep every day with healthy food I would choose the former. Since I don’t have to choose I went and had a Big Mac today.

I want to say I did laundry today too but how can I take credit for something the washing machine did. It was effortless to decide to go to the gym after. My gym pants are about 10 years out of style but I don’t like the ‘in’ ones. They’re all slim fit and tapered.

My piano teacher said I shouldn’t even try to practice for 1 hour every day. “Just try half an hour,” she said. So I did. Jordan Peterson said don’t even try to read for 2 hours a day, start with 20 minutes. I did that too. All of this sounds like it could have came out of a book titled, Improvement for Dummies. Chapter 1: Sleep.

If I could do all of this regularly I could be a somebody with clean underwear.


Dog watching me take a shit today


5 comments on “Productivity Monday

  1. Mr. J.,
    Glad your dog can’t take pictures. Or can he? I agree that good sleep is the healthiest thing going.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      She can take mental snapshots. Sufficient sleep is highly underrated.

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      • Mr. J.,
        I should have known your dog was a she. What’s her name?

        I just learned that good sleep can be protective against Alzheimer’s, too.

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        • MrJohnson says:

          For whatever reason people usually think she’s a male. Her name is Baby and she’s 7 years old.

          Sleep is probably protective against everything. I discovered quite early in my adult years that all I needed to do to not catch a cold or the flu was to not deprive myself of sleep. There’s a guy named, Matthew Walker who recently wrote a book on sleep in case you’re interested. I found out about him when he was a guess on a podcast I listen to.

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          • Mr. J.,
            I don’t know about Matthew Walker, but there’s a lot of information coming out about sleep and insomnia lately. I’ve been interested in sleep and dreams all my life, and insomnia was the biggest complaint I dealt with as a therapist.

            Interesting that in our over-stimulated, multi-tasking world, so many people believe sleep is a waste of time, but like meditation, good sleep helps you do everything else more efficiently.

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