Piano Pains

A woman at the volunteer office was perplexed why I still pay for piano lessons if my progress has been so slow. Some weeks it’s almost as if I’m paying for the same lesson twice. I walk out of those lessons feeling like a loser. If someone threw tomatoes at me I wouldn’t object. Maybe I’m a masochist.

From my experience 80% of Asians in my generation have taken piano lessons at some point when they were kids. For whatever reason the females do much better than the males. The ones that ended up quitting weren’t interested. Also, it wasn’t difficult to convince Asian parents to save money. I’m interested I just don’t practice.

I have this hope that one day I’ll catch the piano bug and practice sufficiently. Maybe I’m special needs and require more time. The best painkiller would be practicing.



8 comments on “Piano Pains

  1. Mr. J,
    I wish I had advice that would motivate you, but the only difference between you and me is that I don’t pay for lessons.

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  2. Why are you taking piano lessons again…?

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