Do Nothing or Something

As I arrive there’s 4 teenagers leaving piano class. I’m about 25 years older than them and they’re about 8 years ahead of me in piano if I study as hard as they have so they’re probably more like 20 years ahead of me. If they achieve nothing else in life for the next 25 years they would still be more accomplished in life than I am today. When time moves forward but your skills stay the same the best case scenario is that you might become a wise loser. 

Tina is a good looking 13-year-old Asian girl who also takes ballet. Her parents pick her up in a new BMW. For her to lose to me in life she would need to get a crystal meth addiction and get pregnant by some guy like me. She’d probably still find a way to pull through. More likely though, she’ll graduate from university and marry a doctor or at least some guy with a boring, stable career. She’ll have kids and scare them into studying hard or else they might end up like that guy(me). That guy will try to get her daughter addicted to meth and get her pregnant.

For some people, maybe myself included, doing nothing for your first 30 years of life might be recommended. Guys like me usually screw up really badly somewhere between the ages of 16 and 30, so badly that there’s no recovering. How can thee screw up? Let me count the ways. Many guys I know have either received criminal records, death, drug addiction or deep financial debt. Some others who I know think they are successful but in reality they may have handcuffed themselves to imminent failure. In some circles the one who doesn’t screw up is considered successful.

Expensive Sandwiches

The Vietnamese restaurant by my home serves their sandwiches for $6. I realize the cost of everything goes up with time but I’m having a hard time adjusting from when prices were more in the $2 range 20 years ago. Without checking prices I drove to a place farther away where I’ve never been before. A Vietnamese sandwich there was $10.

With menu prices so expensive, owners need a gimmick so that customers can justify to themselves for overpaying. If you can’t brag about it on Instagram then it’s not worthy of going in your mouth and out your ass. It’s nice and all that they make their own bread there but I’m cheap. “Is this to go or are you eating in?”  I would have eaten in but I didn’t want to feel obligated to leave a tip. It was one of those places where you’re not completely sure if you’re supposed to tip or not. I tip well but I don’t like to tip especially for a $10 sandwich that used to be $2. I think a common review comment for this place is, it’s expensive but they make their own bread.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.




Considering the Future

A few years ago there was a blogger who fake liked enormous amounts of blog posts including mine. She garnered a big following and decided one day that it might be a good idea to write a post trying to solicit money using GoFundMe to help pay for her master’s degree. She ended up deleting the post and was never heard from again.

I’ve been liquidating the risk from my pension investment portfolio so that I won’t have to lie in the future to gently steal funds from you good people. I also call this portfolio my ‘anti-suicide fund.’ The rules indicate that I cannot withdraw any money from this fund until I’m 55 years old. If I know I have a significant amount of money waiting for me then it greatly reduces the chances of me enacting the dark version of Freedom 55.

There comes a certain age when a person feels they are too old to start over but also too young to make it to retirement. This can be a partial reason why it’s strongly advised to not quit your job after a certain age. Throwing caution to the wind can sometimes leave you in the eye of a shit hurricane.

Pizza Pizza

There’s this habit I have of laying in bed for a minimum of 2 hours after I wake in the morning. Technological devices make it really easy to do so. Soon humans will evolve to be a species needing only a head and one hand. They’ll call us Homo Stephen Hawking.

A headline of an article stated that light is just as important as darkness when it comes to good sleep. It being a blue sky day I decided to walk to the strip mall to buy pizza. The original plan was to buy ready-to-eat pizza by the slice but the plan changed when the supermarket was offering a whole frozen pizza for $3. I bought some mushrooms to throw on because all pizzas are skimpy on their toppings. I wonder how many homeless people would be dead if it were not for $1 slice pizzerias.

Many years ago my friend’s sister decided to live on the street when she was a teenager. At the time we all believed there was something wrong with her. If I had to guess now I would say it was more of an issue with parenting and home life. The story is not ending well for any member of that family.