Part-time Work

In the early years of my last job I confessed to a co-worker how I would rather work part-time hours. Her response?

“That’s not very attractive.”

I guess to her a single man’s purpose in life is to be attractive to women. Her husband is probably a sucker. Women don’t necessarily have to be in love to marry a man, they’ll settle for a slave. So would I though. If someone is willing to give you everything you want in exchange for hanging around while also providing a pension if you ever decide to leave, it would be difficult to resist. Ironically or maybe not, she only worked part-time which is acceptable of course because she’s a woman. How come the term loser is never assigned to women? I ignored her for the next 5 years.

Recently, I entertained the idea of part-time work again. There was a union gig I found near my home servicing public bus coin boxes. I want to say I turned it down but I can’t because I didn’t even apply. It seemed like a really lonesome job that only offered money in exchange for my effort and time.

The way I see it is that an unfulfilling job is going to take away much of my good energy. When I finish my shift I’ll want to do crap all or at least only activities that are easy(watching videos) or fun(eating hamburgers). On my days off I’ll be recovering from work from the day before and will likely continue doing crap all. Hangovers aren’t only created by alcohol.

Perhaps I’m not very productive as it is but my belief is that having too much time will make me really bored which will push me to do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. This all sounds crazy or at the very least a poor excuse to not work a job but I don’t want to take any chances. Dead end jobs only pay you for your time. If you have a Plan B then you’re doing your Plan A a disservice.

As for now my choices in the stock market have been financially supporting me. It was punching me in the gut late last year but I have been slowly catching my breath back. If it decides to assault me more severely in the near future I’ll still be okay. If it continues to rally then I guess I’ll also be okay.



6 comments on “Part-time Work

  1. “How come the term loser is never assigned to women?”

    Of course it is, but your not a women so you would never know. Women get a lot of society pressures to be married with kids young. Also if you are not a full time house keeper your expected to work full-time too. Its the same not matter what gender.

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    • winfred says:

      I totally understand this.. Once a woman hits 30 down here and ain’t married.. Eish.. Loser ain’t the only word you’ll be getting.


    • MrJohnson says:

      If there are women thinking they need to have kids by age 25 in this era I would be worried for their future and their kids.
      For sure there’s societal pressures for women as well and they differ between cultures and classes. I just never hear the term ‘loser’ used to label a woman or at least not nearly as often. I can imagine ‘lazy bitch’ more than ‘loser.’ Even if a woman is considered a loser she won’t be once she has a kid as her label would then change to ‘mother,’ a culturally respected label. A guy has to figure out some way to earn a respectable income forever to not be a loser which is much more difficult to achieve. If a woman can find a man to support her financially she’s considered a winner to some degree.


  2. lisa74 says:

    Did you write this post to see how many people actually read what you write?? “Women don’t necessarily have to be in love to marry a man, they’ll settle for a slave.” Sounds like you are living in the 1920s…I know no one who doesn’t marry for love…who do you know?


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