Human Behaviour

In the first 3 months of marijuana legalization I’ve spent more money on cannabis products than I have in my entire life on black market weed. It’s not saying a whole lot since the illegal total was about $100. I didn’t like the whole experience of buying illegal weed. It required me to phone someone I didn’t know too well, set a time and place and then have that person know my habits.

There seem to be many critics and pessimists of marijuana legalization. Some were convinced no one would pay the higher prices. It’s a reasonable argument if you have the life experience of a child. It’s reasonable to think no one would spend more money than they earn. It’s reasonable to think no one would smoke cigarettes because they might kill you slowly. It’s also reasonable to believe no one would kill their wife and think they could get away with it.

Then you have the ones who believe people will just grow their own weed. Sounds reasonable except some people don’t even make their own lunch. If people were so resilient Starbucks and the supermarkets would not exist. You can even buy Starbucks grounded coffee at the supermarket and make it at home. I don’t think anyone thought people would pay $5 for a coffee until they did.

People are going to stick with their dealers, they say. One girl told me she has a “rapport” with her dealer. One day when there are retail stores she’s going to be off work, tired, see a legal marijuana store on her way home and think, I’ll just try it this one time. A few weeks later and she’ll be thinking, to hell with our rapport.

Legalization has not been a smooth process and people have been quick to criticize the lack of supply and retail stores. Marijuana was illegal for 90 years and people are complaining how the roll-out of legalization was not perfect in the first 2 weeks. One drawback from legal weed is that now the mailman thinks I’m a stoner.



6 comments on “Human Behaviour

  1. I don’t even smoke weed, and I’ve been to several dispensaries here where I live, looking for different CBD products. I think it’s wonderful. Now as long as it stays small and profitable for the little guys (i.e. Monsanto keeps their dirty paws off the industry) I think it’s wonderful. Marijuana is a miracle drug for some people.


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