Winning Matters

Not knowing or avoiding the laws of life landed me in Nowheresville by the time I was 30 years of age. Life is a competition. If you’re not competing then you’re not playing. If you’re not playing then you’re just watching other people score(I stole that line from a TV show).

The name of the game is being better than others because that’s the difference between feeling good and feeling like a loser. A few try to win but most play not to lose. The common mindset is to tell yourself that you don’t want to win so that you don’t feel so badly about yourself for chickening out. Spectators in the arena criticize the competitors but also secretly envy them.

People feeling inferior about their lives while in my presence should have been my goal in life. It may be lonely at the top but sheep get slaughtered, they just don’t see it coming. This all sounds slightly primitive and unevolved but to believe otherwise is pretending we’re fundamentally different than our recent ancestors. The game changes but the rules stay the same.




2 comments on “Winning Matters

  1. Mrr. J.,
    It seems I’m always the first to comment on your posts. I’ve been thinking of competition recently, and how destructive it is. On an individual level, to compete with other people sets up win-lose scenarios, in which nobody really wins. You spend your life watching the other guy, for an edge, or for advantage, so neglect your own growth. Ideally, when you strive to be your own person, to develop your unique strengths and interests, you have no competition. If we lived in a cooperative society, people would encourage each others’ abilities and learn from those who can teach, emulate those we admire, and recognize that what benefits one person ultimately benefits all.

    I realize I am in the minority, but history does not teach us how a cooperative society might operate, so we have no examples to follow.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Perhaps being overly competitive can breed negative outcomes. I think it’s part of human nature to be competitive. It seems to push innovation and progress. Even if we’re not competing against anyone in particular we’re all competing for resources to some extent. Trying to beat someone else for the sake of winning like I described in my post seems like an empty endeavour fueled by negative emotions. I like the idea you present which is aligned more with inspiration rather than competition. In a society where it seems that most people play the miserable game of conforming as quickly as possible, the main prize is to beat the other guy or at least be right next to him.

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