That’s Life

Fundamentally not much has changed in life. The same rules still apply. Your life will often be as good as your value to society. For a few decades we were allowed to get away with being next to useless. You could do okay in life if your profession was putting the cream into a Twinkie. Progress is inevitable. You’re either part of it or you’re picking up the crumbs. If an immigrant “stole” your job it means you blew a 30 year head start.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how useless I am to society which is why all these job listings look so undesirable. If I was a plumber everyone I know would be nice to me including strangers in the neighbourhood. That’s how life works. You bake cookies for the guy who can save you from your own shit. You know you’re going to need him one day, it’s just a matter of time.

It’s too bad I don’t really want to be a plumber. I don’t think I do anyway. There was a time when it wasn’t about what you wanted to be, it was about what was available to you or what your community needed you to do. Now it’s all about a compromise between money and your comfort zone with the ultimate goal being the acquirement of some level of respect from your peers.





Don’t be Swayed by Others

A couple years ago when I was working at my old job, complaining as usual, a co-worker around my age said to me, “you just have to accept it.” That was his self-righteous way of convincing me to be a lifer. My reply was, “there’s a fine line between acceptance and giving up.”

He had plans of committing himself to being a lifer there. He signed a mortgage on an apartment, bought a brand new car and showed an interest in moving up in the company. When word got out that I was quitting he was sorely disappointed. “I wish you would had talked to me before you handed in your resignation,” he whined. I guess he thought I was foolish and needed to be enlightened.

I heard recently that he’s looking to leave the company because he wants to do something else. If I stayed because of his influence I would be pissed off but would have no one to blame but myself. It wouldn’t stop me from being an asshole to him though by saying, “you tried to convince me to be a fucking lifer and now you’re leaving!” You know what? If I ever see him again I will say that to him.

Before I quit I was looking for permission on the internet. You know, an article or video that would clearly state why it was a no-brainer to quit your job. You would think it would exist on the internet but it didn’t so I ended up writing my own after. I did come across a middle-aged woman’s blog though whose tagline read, How to quit your job and get away with it. We communicated through our blogs for awhile. She quit her job and got away with it by getting another one and then abandoning her blog. I thought about how silly it would have been to quit my job based off of her influence but I’m sure stuff like that happens all the time.

The lesson here is that you can’t rely on people to not disappoint you.



1 AM at the Casino

My degenerate gambler friend is at negative $400. My free entertainment is watching him lose. He just swore to give up gambling. You nkoe how that goes.

A multitude of white cougars came out of a show tonight, “The Thunder from Down Under.” I think it’s a show with Australians stripping.

Two young white girls waved at us which means they’re basically hookers looking for free drinks, cocaine and possibly sex for money. We didn’t bite. If they tried a little harder it may have been a different story.

I’m pretty intoxicated. Hangover is likely tomorrow. Promise people bad odds and they’ll cater to you in exchange for entertainment. We live for entertainment. Netflix, dining out, YouTube, Donald Trump. GIVE ME MORE.

5 minute post at the casino. Thank you. Thank you very much.

The Job Situation

Once a season I’ll scroll around the job listings and get depressed at the potential idea that I may have to work one of these jobs one day. I get older and less tolerant but the jobs stay the same. Monetizing a creative pursuit is almost a must. I’ll start a webcam and moisturize my hairless chest for old perverted men if I have to.

Jordan Peterson says only 2% of people have careers and the rest of the 98% do undesirable work. He defines a career as work you would voluntarily spend a lot of time doing without pay. He also says if you don’t have a family by 40 years of age then you will most likely be miserable for the last half of your life. With these dreary statistics along with a 40% divorce rate it’s amazing how suicide only claims 11 out of 100,000 people.

Once you stop believing that your life will be much worse off without your job the motivation to stick around ceases to exist. The ones who believe they have no choice make the best of it. They savour the 10 minutes of alone time they get while taking a shit. The rest lay in bed every morning for 5 minutes after the alarm goes off engineering possible escape plans.






Creative Pitfalls

YouTube is always recommending videos to me from the internet famous clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, probably because I keep clicking on them. In one video he talks about traits of creative people and the workplace.

He says if you’re more on the creative side you’re likely going to suck at jobs that are mundane and structured because you’ll be bored to death. Your counterparts who are more conservative, conscientious and practical thrive better in such environments. Non-creatives are also more likely to do better in school because of their higher likelihood of being industrious.

Creatives are more likely to be more open minded. He uses an example of how good accountants aren’t likely to be creative people because of the nature of the work. He jokes, “do you want a creative accountant? No.” I know a disproportionate amount of people who are in the accounting field or at one time aspired to be. I can say with much confidence that the more closed minded the person the better the accountant they will be. There’s not a lot of wiggle room for them when it comes to ideas outside of conventionality.

On the bright side he says creatives are the innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, revolutionaries but those are few and far between. Most creative personalities won’t be able to monetise their creative pursuits and will probably endure much suffering somewhere in the middle or bottom of society. Life doesn’t favour creatives because they like to live outside of the structure.

Non-creative personalities don’t have as much trouble in life because this world is built more for them. Being a skilled grunt will get you from A to B with the least volatility. They’re less likely to suffer from feelings of alienation and low self-worth. When you can’t do what most other people are doing then you think there’s something fundamentally wrong with you and often they feel the same way about you.

It was a bit freaky for me to hear him describe me and other people I know so well. I’m not sure what the message is for creative types. Don’t pursue a safe and conventional path in life because it’s not going to work for you? Follow the conventional path because if you don’t you’re not likely to make it in life?


Pass on Gas

With regular unleaded fuel being $1.50 a litre in Vancouver a decision to get in your car needs more thought. For you Americans, multiply $1.50 by 3.78 and you will get the gallon conversion which is $5.67. Convert into USD and you get $4.10 a gallon.

I thought about buying a book today which I may or may not end up reading. Brand new it’s $20 online plus taxes and delivery. Used on Craigslist if still available is $10. The library has 50 holds on 13 copies.

The Craigslist price seems like a major discount at first. A round trip to pick up this book from the Craigslist person will be around 40 kilometres. I’ve calculated fuels costs to be about $.20 per km which will end up being $8 for the trip. It no longer seems like such a great deal. And who knows how many times that guy/girl picked their nose and touched the book after or brought the book with them to read while taking a stinky dump. For some reason if it was an attractive woman though none of it matters. In fact, she could charge more.

Even a short trip of 10 km will cost you $2. Owning a vehicle is expensive. When I totalled my car I thought of the money I would save. Of course those savings cancel out because they’re going to raise my insurance rate.

Insurance = $2000
Fuel = $2000
Repairs/Maintenance = $500 to $1000
Air Fresheners = $5

With that amount of money in a year you could buy almost anything except property. If I was an Amazon Prime member the choice would be easy. This just means that one day I will become an Amazon Prime member like the rest of the world. Maybe one day America will use the metric system like the rest of the world.