A Canadian in Las Vegas


The first time I went to Las Vegas was in August of 2008 for a friend’s stag who never ended up getting married. It was kind of pathetic since I didn’t even walk the strip or see a show. Most of the time was spent with strippers, alcohol and taxi drivers trying to bring us to hookers. This time around I planned to be a legit tourist…walk the strip, see a show, visit the Hoover Dam and buy overpriced tourist souvenirs.

A small poll that I conducted has me to believe that a significant population of Las Vegas are people who have found southern California too expensive. Apparently, Las Vegas is a relatively cheap place to live that has jobs. It’s what people have been doing since the beginning of time…when a place becomes unlivable for whatever reason people find some place else. Some people refuse to leave though and hope that the government or crystal meth will make things better.

There’s no black people where I live so talking to black people was a highlight of my trip. Hey, you sound like TV. I could listen to an American black woman talk all day. Another highlight was paying $5 to the 2nd least attractive woman on Fremont St to take a picture with me. It was like a circus there full of people looking to make a buck by dressing outrageous. I fell victim to typical human behaviour. For $5 I could have taken a picture with her and her 300 pound friend who was also dressed skimpily but I automatically settled for good enough. The lesson is to always ask yourself how can you make it better.


Fremont Street Experience

Final thoughts: Las Vegas is a cool place. Being required to tip is a stupid concept. Las Vegas is expensive. I’m surprised at the amount of people who play $25 a hand casino games. I gained weight. Use Uber or Lyft instead of taxis. Speaking of black people I caught a glimpse of Mike Tyson.




11 comments on “A Canadian in Las Vegas

  1. Fred Colton says:

    Tyson reference in there to see if people read to the end? Well I did. Damn it, where was he?

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I never thought about doing that but I’ll have to keep it in mind now. It just popped in my head in the end. There’s this shopping mall beside the Planet Hollywood hotel. He was scheduled to sign autographs at this memorabilia store. I thought I was going to participate until I found out you had to first buy a photo for $200 or a boxing glove for $250. I caught a glimpse while he was walking from a mall entrance to the store. We write 250 words for no pay while he gets at least $100 each time to write his name and pose for a photo.

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      • Fred Colton says:

        And still never enough to pay for those tigers.


      • Fred Colton says:

        Who are these people with $250 to blow? Bitcoiners eh


        • MrJohnson says:

          He claims he’ll never make enough to to be rich again because of all his back taxes. You might like his book. I did.

          I was actually rationalizing paying the $200 until I remembered to convert it to Canadian dollars. I don’t know, the memory might have been worth it. I think at least most of the other people in the line were tourists. I spoke to 2 guys and one was an older white guy with a European accent and the other was a younger Asian guy with an Australian accent.


  2. juliehcares says:

    When I went, I walked the strip and avoided taxis because they tend to drive you all over out of the way if you are a tourist. I didn’t know that was a thing, taking pictures with people other than on Times Square so that’s interesting.

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  3. fatamsimth says:

    I keep hoping that the government will make meth better.


  4. I don’t really like the strip, we have lived out her in Vegas for almost 2 years now, yes it is cheap and we are not gamblers, so we were able to save money and buy a nice house for cheap. My husband got a great job out here and I stay home and take care of my granddaughter, while my daughter and son-in-law work. just about every weekend we go to watch the shows on Fremont st. if your into the 80’s rock you can go watch Spandex, or Alter Ego, if you love 80’s pop, you can go watch 80’s station, there are other bands that come out and play, that are must sees. we usually go to plaza hotel til about 1am and watch Wonder Boogie a 50’s-70’s disco band. and afterwards we go to Hogs and Heifer a bar on 3rd street with amazing bartenders and patrons. you would love it. yes there are plenty of people on Fremont that are asking for donations to take pix, but its all in fun and hey if you meet catwoman, and hear her story, she is from Jamaica and is working for donations to help pay for her nursing degree. she was a nurse in her country, but out here she needed to go back to school. her husband even comes to fremont to make sure she is ok, a real nice man who is willing to pay for her education, but she would rather do what she can {No nudity or sex} to pay for her education. makes you think doesn’t it? about why some of these people out there are asking for donations for pictures even the unattractive ones.


  5. Fremont is the place to be. we usually start at Plaza Casino, we will listen to Wonder Boogie (70’s band) then off to Fremont st. in front of Golden Gate, we go watch Spandex Nation (80’s rock band) play on the stage, after they are finished, we end up at Hogs and Heifers on 3rd street across the street from The Grand Hotel, and just hang out there til, either the bar closes or we just want to go home. We have a blast. That is usually our weekends on Fremont. plus we bring our own drinks and enjoy people watching. Love it.


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