The Road to Average

20 years out of high school can allow you to see the paths that people chose which led to their current circumstances in life. Probability being probability, most ended up somewhere in the tier of average. Wherever their position on the scale of average lies has more to do with circumstances rather than merit.

The few that became successful did what the average didn’t. They separated themselves from the herd. I don’t believe their actions were rooted by this philosophy. Their ambitions just forced them away. Herd mentality will keep you in the herd where the main objective is to not be left out of the herd.

The herd leaves high school unaware of their anxious intentions to sign the rest of their life away to a mundane average. To them it’s what you’re supposed to do. Perhaps “average” should not be the term used but instead, “uninspiring.”




4 comments on “The Road to Average

  1. The artist finds distinction in the average. Good authors seem particularly adept at this.

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  2. You Can Only Be You says:

    Love this post. Great insight. I have this thought/conversation a lot. Cheers to not being average/not being part of the herd.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I have a few other ideas to add to the post after the fact…hate it when that happens. I guess there will be a part 2.
      I’ve had this conversation in the past. Generally, people find it offensive for obvious reasons. It’s basically the same as shitting on someone’s religion. Cheers!


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