No Sweat

I wonder how much of the issues that occur from getting older are really from neglect and not from natural ageing. You always hear people 40 and up say, “that’s what happens when you get older.”

Am I supposed to believe that you just get fat because of age?…”your metabolism slows down when you get older.” I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s easier to get fatter as you age, but some people give you the idea that it’s not a choice.

Another thing I’ve been told is that when you get older you just don’t sleep as much. It’s easy to believe because you always hear of old people sleeping at midnight and waking up at 5 AM and working stiffs in their mid-life running on 5 hours of sleep a day.

I’m not sleeping as well as I used to and I think it has to do with not doing anything. My body might be sending adaptive signals to my brain telling it I don’t need to sleep much. The only time I sweat is when the steam from hot food hits my face. Sure, I walk fairly long distances sometimes but there’s still no sweat.

When does the average person exert maximum force on a monthly basis? Carrying groceries? Running to the toilet?

Sleeping was never an issue when I was working my previous job. I’d be moving all day and sweating on most days, profusely sweating every day in the summer.

Not perspiring regularly can’t be good, in my opinion. Sweating because you’re overweight doesn’t count.

I started jogging recently and the goal isn’t distance or time but to sweat. My recent purchase of one of those Under Armour shirts that are supposed to wick away sweat has found early use. I only bought it because it was on clearance. I was thinking I would wear it in the summer when I would be sweating while doing nothing.


10 comments on “No Sweat

  1. fatamsimth says:

    I think it’s both. I’m commenting at 4:30 am when I should still be asleep, and I definitely have to watch everything I eat now, despite spending all week demonstrating pushups and boxing footwork. But it can also quickly devolve into an excuse. “Eh, I’m over 40 now. What’s the point in trying anymore? 40 is practically dead anyway.”

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  2. I think it’s about 70/30 (or some other ratio I make up on the spot). That’s 705 due to neglect, and 30% due to aging.

    Now that I’m older I find that, after working all day at a high-stress/low-activity job I just want to come home and sit, drink coffee, and read on the computer to help my brain decompress. So that makes me more susceptible to bodily atrophy. However, I find that, on days when I’m not all stressed out or mentally exhausted because of work, I’m a lot more likely to get up and do things at home.

    So I think you’re on to something here!

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    • MrJohnson says:

      When you’ve put in a full day of work it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ve done enough for the day. When you’re not working you’re looking for something to do but not too much of course. Maybe I need to pitch a tent in the backyard to be more aligned with nature.

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  3. Mr. J,
    There are a lot of stereotypes about aging, and it takes effort not to fall prey to them. One of the most sinister is that health declines, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I do find I’ve gotten lazier (or is that more relaxed?), and once you’re out of shape, it does take more effort to shape up.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I agree, it doesn’t have to be that way and the body is less resilient as it ages. I’m not sure how preventable manboobs are though. Another thing that seems to decline with age is spirit. Excitement is hard to come by. Or maybe I’m just not being adventurous enough.

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  4. You are so right. It can’t really be all because of age. I will let you know when I get there (not too far away now).

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