On the Way Home

Almost $6 for a small decaf Americano and a giant cookie. My new thing is going to this coffee place to read. At these prices I have to take up their space for at least an hour to get my money’s worth.


During the walk home I saw a yard sale sign and checked it out. Ooooh…this is cool!

“How much?”

She quickly ran into the house to check the internet to see if it was “worth anything.” Once she was convinced it wasn’t going to get her 100 manic eBay bidders she offered it to me for $3. I gave her $4($2 coins) and she didn’t give me any change. I yelled profanities at her and sliced her throat open with the jagged record.

On the way home I decided to stop by an old lady’s home to say hi. She heard of Orson Welles but not of the radio broadcast. She asked if I wanted to play it. I asked if she wanted to listen to it. She said, “not really.” She told me an old person story like how old people usually do and then I left.

On the way home again I saw another yard sale sign and went to investigate. By the time I arrived they were packing up. A middle-aged man with an English accent said, “hey, is that the recording that scared the shit out of everybody?” He too thought the LP might be worth some money but I informed him that it probably wasn’t worth shit. His 3 friends had never heard of it. One of them tried to sell me on a free wooden entertainment center that he couldn’t give away during the entire day. People would rather accept a bag of dog shit because at least it’s easy to get rid of.

On the way home again I bumped into the an old guy that lives across the street from me. I’m not sure if he even recognized me. When he did recognize me in the past he would call me, Justin. My name isn’t Justin but I’m open to change. Sure, I can be Justin. He also never heard of this War of the Worlds. He took out his reading glasses and read aloud the synopsis. “People are gullible,” he said.

My conclusion is that this War of the Worlds is not as well-known as I thought.



4 comments on “On the Way Home

  1. Maybe people from Canada don’t know about it as much. I’ve been hearing about it all my life. The thing is that it didn’t cause the mass hysteria the papers said it did, that’s a myth. Not that many people actually listened to it in 1938.But the newspapers were pissed because the dramatization of the book was made to sound like actual news.(Haha the original fake news.)

    I don’t really like Tom Cruise but damn that War of the World from 2005 was good. Ever see it?


    • MrJohnson says:

      It definitely could be the Canadian thing. I was surprised because I’ve known about it since I was a kid. I thought it was as known as Leave it to Beaver. Gosh, Wally. I read about it being a myth while I was writing the post. It was kind of disappointing. Who knows what else is fake. Apparent facts from 100 years ago and older have a high likelihood of being BS. You could get away with anything before.

      I don’t like Tom Cruise too much either but he gets the good movies. It’s pretty rare that a Tom Cruise movie sucks. You’d have to be a maniac to be as motivated as him…going strong for 30 years. I haven’t watched War of the Worlds but I’ll keep it in mind now though. A few weeks ago I had the urge to watch Top Gun.


  2. Great post! I remember it TWoTW. Not first hand, of course. That would make me about a hundred years old. I’ve heard of it all my life, though. You should also check out Jeff Wayne’s prog-rock opera of “The War of the Worlds”. I had it on LP when I was a teenager, but somewhere in my journeys through life it came up missing. It features such luminaries as Richard Burton as the narrator / reporter, Justin Hayward (of Moody Blues fame) on vocals, David Essex, Chris Thompson (the vocalist in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band known for singing the lead vocal in “Blinded By the Light”), and many others. I wish I still had it! I remember it as being pretty awesome. But then again, I remember the “A-Team” as being pretty awesome, too. Time does funny things to our tastes.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Thanks Mr. Pow and thanks for the recommendation…it sounds interesting. Haha…ya so many things don’t hold up. I was a kid during the tail end of A-Team. I’m not even sure if I really liked it back then. You didn’t really have choices back then.


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