The dog is snoring right now and for some reason coming from her it’s adorable. When a human snores, all that you want to do is put a pillow over their face. A person snoring is like someone playing a trumpet poorly when no one wants to hear it. You give them a break though because it’s supposedly not their fault. Fault or not, in many circumstances in life the person of annoyance has to go or be killed. It’s not some psychopath’s fault that they love to kill people.

In a more uncivilized environment I’m sure the snorers would be the first to die by the hands of their own tribe. You would lay there at night hearing the rumbling and murder would come across your mind. Do we really need him? In the darkness of night no one would see and by morning no one would care. Celebration with silence. Goodnight.



12 comments on “Snoring

  1. OMG she’s so cute she can snore in my bed anytime. I only allow canine snorers too. Looks like she’s got her head on one of your socks? Blitz snores and is a sock thief too.

    I sometimes wonder, in all the unpleasant places in the world where large families live in one room or hut or whatever, how women bear their husbands’ snoring when there’s no escape. I know some women snore too, but it’s mostly men. I imagine there are a lot of sleep-deprived people out there. I used to be one of them until I insisted on sleeping separately, but much of the world doesn’t have that luxury. Ugh, snoring is gross and bad evolutionary design. I don’t get it.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Sock,underwear, shirt, slipper thief. But they have to be worn within the last few hours. I think it’s the scent she wants.

      Snoring would seem counterproductive to survival. It lets your enemy know where you are and that you’re in deep sleep. Plus your own tribe won’t like you for it. Maybe snoring never existed until recently like obesity and other conditions.


  2. Mr. J,
    I’m not a dog person, but that dog is adorable. She probably doesn’t snore as loud as people. If the snorer were in my tribe, I would put him on night watch duty. Everyone would know when he was sleeping on the job.

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  3. samlobos says:

    So, so cute!! My pug snores like a baby old man. I love it

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  4. Jamie says:

    What a cutie!

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  5. Alvin says:

    Im not really a fan of dogs but i love watching them sleep. So adorable.

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  6. KazPsychic says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing. Great enjoyable and interesting read.
    My daughter and her fiance moved into their first home earlier this year, all excited but exhausted they retired to bed to get some much needed sleep but were awoken by neighbours knocking on the wall, shouting “Stop your snoring”!
    It kind of took the buzz off moving into their first mortgaged house!
    I bought this ring that her fiance (who was the one who was snoring) a ring to wear on his little finder, it was an anti-snoring ring to wear in bed.
    Low and behold it worked, how or why I have no idea but it did
    As a love and relationship specialist life coach and psychic I have a lot of ladies through complaining that their partners snoring is damaging their relationship – but now I can at least recommend this amazing anti-snoring ring! It was inexpensive too.
    Yay sleep at last we say!

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  7. I am not a dog person butt i liked it keep it up


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