Imaginary Unreality

To accept a life that you dislike could mean that you’ve decided that there isn’t anything better for you. There’s peace when there is no one to fight. It may be true that this is as good as it gets but a lack of an imagination can take you to the end of the line prematurely. If you can imagine the reality of an idea then it’s likely to be realistic especially if it’s been done before. To not be at peace with the life you have may indicate that you believe there is something better for you. You don’t ever hate yourself for what you do not think is possible or expected of you.

A life of torment is referred to as an unimaginable hell not because it wasn’t a possibility but because it was a life one hoped would never happen to them. One who dreams for better possibilities than status quo is considered to have a good imagination but it’s not meant to be a compliment.

There’s a life we imagine for ourselves but we often set limits based on our environment and cultural conditioning. It’s like writing science fiction fantasy novels but not allowing the stories to ever leave Earth…you can only go so far.
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3 comments on “Imaginary Unreality

  1. Mr. J, Your blogs about the meaning of life are triggering a lot of thought in me. I’ve been re-thinking my “purpose” in life since retiring from a profession I hated. Do I regret taking that road? It seems I’ve backed into everything I needed to do, so perhaps the medical route was a necessary step to learn things I couldn’t have learned any other way. Am I wiser for the experience? I feel battered and bruised, used up and looking for ways to get some return in the time I have left. I’m also writing a science fiction novel and reading lots of sci-fi to get a feel for what’s already out there.

    Latest thought is that imagination can serve us well, if we imagine societies we would like to live in. Lately, it seems the world is caught up in creating hell through imagination. Is there such a thing as heaven on earth? If so what would you imagine it to be like?

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I think it takes a lot of honesty to even consider regret with one’s own life decisions. Many people say they don’t regret anything because it made them who they are or they just believe another route could have ended up worse.

      There used to be this blogger I followed who coincidentally lives in your state. He retired with no plans and decided to write about his life so that his grandchildren could read about it one day. It got published by a small publisher and he ended up with 2 additional published books. I don’t think he had even written much prior to retirement. I guess you never know what life has in store for you.

      Many if not most inventions had to begin with imagining them. We have an imagination for good reason but, yes, unfortunately it’s often used for bad intentions. I believe people have an easier time imagining the end of the world instead of something more utopian.

      I suppose my heavenly scenario can be summed up to a society that lives without fear and does not have to worry about basic needs. But I would settle for being able to eat all the unhealthy food I wanted without repercussions. I would eat french fries and gravy all damn day. Milkshakes too. And oh yah, 18 degrees Celsius(65 Fahrenheit) every day.

      What is your idea of heaven on earth?

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      • My idea is an evolving concept and I’ve begun asking other people, like you, for ideas. It would be a place where people like each other and work because they like it. Cooperation would prevail, so it would be more communal, in that resources are shared, without need for greed or hoarding, because people can only eat so much, for instance. There would be no need for money. People like you could have all the french fries and gravy, because people like me prefer vegetables and pasta. There would be no bosses, because everyone has enough self-control to behave like adults.

        Thanks for asking. Nobody yet has been able to answer my question about what they might use for money in heaven.

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