Windstorm and Skinny Cokes


The other night there was a minor windstorm that knocked down tree branches and electricity. I didn’t mind it at all except someone took the opportunity to steal our recycling bin but left the contents on the lawn. At first I thought maybe the wind blew it away but highly unlikely. This gives me an excuse to stop recycling.

Coincidentally, I picked up a candle holder for free just 2 days before. If a power outage isn’t a sign to use your new candle holder then I don’t know what is.


I should “pin” this

A bad windstorm is no joke. Last time trees fell on houses, cars and people. It’s a shitty way to go. You don’t want to get hugged by a tree.


These new Coca-cola cans are looking attractive but just like a fat person in slim fitting clothing it’s all a sham. They made them taller but skinnier to not take away the appearance of quantity. The contents are now 310 ml instead of 355 ml. It’s the Virginia Slims of soda cans. The price has remained the same though. The entire food industry has been shrinking everything and raising the prices only when they enlarge the package so it looks more justifiable. Luckily for junk food manufacturers there’s a health movement rising.  They can claim they are giving us less because it’s good for us and say they are raising the prices because they are trying to deter us from consuming too much of their bad products.




One comment on “Windstorm and Skinny Cokes

  1. One of Mr.Johnsons' Over weight Cousins says:

    I watched a study conducted on people drinking less when they consumed it in taller, thinner cups than in shorter wider glasses. The same episode also noticed people consuming less or eating healthier if you put salads at the front of the buffet line rather than having main courses first in line, such as meat and pasta.


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