Soundgarden Night

A few years ago the band Soundgarden came to town. I wasn’t a huge fan but I liked their music. As we walked towards the entrance in the underground parking lot the security guards stood up from their chairs. “It’s okay, you don’t have to stand for us,” I said.

“These are decent seats,” one of them said. They did their pat down and metal detector check. Suckers, you missed the drugs. Along the way to our seats we bought some overpriced beers. Also along the way I saw this Asian girl that I sort of knew. She used to have long hair but had shaved her hair since. She was part of the janitorial staff that night. “What are you doing here?” she asked. I thought it was a stupid question but whatever. My guess is that it was too odd for her to think that a couple of Asian guys would be into rock music.

The arena wasn’t close to a sellout but there was enough people to show that the band hadn’t been forgotten. There were some single men around us who were probably in their 20’s when Soundgarden was at the height of their fame in the mid 90s. There comes a time in a single person’s life when they realize if they don’t start going out alone they may never go out again. So they say, fuck it, let’s do this.

“Ahhh.” It was something new I tried that night. The middle-aged, portly guy two seats to my left asked, “what’s wrong?” I told him I put something up my nose. That was the first and last time I did “special k.”

Halfway through the show the concert staff said we could go down a tier to better seats. My guess is that keeping the animals in one area made the security efforts easier. Like most concerts I only have a vague imagery of the events. As hard as I try to burn a memory in my brain forever it never works. All I know is that I was there.


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  1. Random Rants says:

    Omg I love them.

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