SaTURDay, May 2017…Dear Diary

On a nearby street there was an A-board sign outside of a house advertising palm readings for $10. At least there was because when I was looking for it today to get my palm read the house appeared to be gone…demolished to be a future mansion. I don’t believe in palm readings but the experience would have been amusing. I’ll have to go by there again in case I missed it.

There’s a farm by my place that sells eggs and vegetables. They also have goats and cows.


The woman working there doesn’t speak English very well so there’s a communication issue between us.

“Can I play with the goats?”

She replied, “Okay, do you want to buy some kale?”

I didn’t get to play with the goats but I bought some kale. She might be a good salesperson.

What’s for dinner? I guess I’ll have kale and eggs. Maybe she changed my life.


I’ll be going to bed hungry

Say what you want about eating healthy but when you do it feels like you’re one with the universe. You don’t get this lousy feeling afterwards like your body is processing sludge.

Probiotics may be all the rage. I’m not sure because I have no idea what other people are doing these days. From different podcasts and radio interviews though it sounds like gut health extends to other functions of the body such as mental health. It sounds like BS but people who appear to be smart seem to really believe this.

A segment on the news had something on how most types of yogurts are not the probiotic champions that they pretend to be. They said Kefir is a more generous probiotic product. I take a couple swigs a day. I have reason to believe that my gut has been healthier since the introduction of kefir. That’s all the information I’m willing to give you on that thesis.


I’ve been told that one of the local Buddhist temples serves free lunch. The catch is that they want you to come in a bit earlier so that they can give you a speech which is also free. I’m okay with that because I like Buddhist teachings. I’m sure they’re gunning for some money eventually.


His busking skills didn’t pay for this

It’s 9 PM and I’m ready to kiss the dog goodnight and go to bed already.


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