Eventful Uneventful Day

An interview on the radio this morning had a little person stand-up comedian as a guest. Her view on using the word “midget” is as follows…

  • It’s okay to use the word in the context of comedy
  • It’s not okay in casual conversations with a little person
  • It’s much more acceptable for a little person to use the word

In other countries instead of “little people,” terms such as “persons of short stature” and “persons of restricted growth” are preferred.

These politically correct terms are what some or most little people prefer but if you’re with your friends you may be able to use which ever terms you wish. Why do politically correct terms always require more syllables?  Why do politically incorrect terms sound so much more humourous?

I subscribed to an online newspaper at a promotional rate and surprise surprise, in order to cancel before they charged me the regular rate I had to call them. When I didn’t accept their counter offer she “had” to transfer me to another department. When that department wouldn’t credit me the regular price rate they had already charged me for the next 4 weeks of service they “had” to transfer me to a supervisor. Apparently they were not able to give refunds for online subscriptions but they could for print newspapers. They “didn’t have the option.” Once the supervisor realized I wasn’t going to go away she must have found the magic computer coding to give me a refund.

A friend of a friend asked me to help her move some stuff(same person as last time). She said she would pick me up in 45 minutes which would have been 2:00 PM. She texted me at 5:00 PM to tell me that she was on her way. I told her I was busy.

I walked out of the supermarket with a mixed berry muffin. Some guy was sitting on a bench. I said “hi” and he smiled and winked at me. I processed all observations and the conclusion was that he was probably gay. I then saw him dancing while holding a sign to promote gym memberships and also heard his voice when he was talking to some other guy. Yep, he’s definitely gay. “So what if he’s gay?” Nothing, I’m just trying to tell a story.





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