Temporary Rock Bottom

A downward trajectory in your current situation is always met with resistance but there’s sometimes a silver lining on the way down. One can only guess what might happen in the future but the past has been written and drawn for your viewing displeasure. At a rock bottom the view into one’s life so far can allow for a new perspective. While you’re laying there with nowhere to go you get to visit and revisit the past. Like a movie you’ve watched several times there’s always little parts you’ve missed.

Being forcibly released from what you have been accustomed to or believed is like a detox. All the things in your life that weren’t really important dissolve as time goes by while the gems that became covered on the way up show themselves to you again. There’s an appreciation for blue skies and smiles when you’ve withdrawn from the complexities that you thought were standard.

Sometimes rock bottom is an opportunity for a new and better life. Other times, when you don’t think it can get worse it might just mean that you’ve never had worse. Whether up, down or sideways it’s always temporary.
Daily Prompt: Temporary

2 comments on “Temporary Rock Bottom

  1. This was strangely inspiring for a post about rock bottom. Thanks for sharing!

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