Better than….

My volunteer coordinator friend called me this morning asking if I can help her friend do some moving. First thought was that I could but I didn’t really want to. Who wants to move furniture and crap? That’s like one of the worst jobs. A former coworker and I had a conversation about what we would rather do…be a full-time mover or have sex with an 80-year-old lady every day. I’m not going to discuss the results and our rationalizations.

As I was on the verge of answering I thought about how this gig could be better than doing nothing today which is basically what I’ll be doing. I always think how there’s this off chance that something magical will happen like accidentally befriending a genie or discovering a life changing realization. If you want good things to happen you’re better off standing on the street corner than staying home. Well, that’s not as true as it used to be since you can do a lot of discovery through the internet.

Being Saturday, most people would tell their friend to screw off. They would be insulted and offended that someone would dare try to take away one of their two precious days off from the grind. It’s like asking for someone’s right kidney or left testicle. Maybe they’d consider giving you Sunday but not Saturday because it’s the only day where you don’t have to work or think about having to work the next day.

When you don’t have a job that sucks the life out of you it allows you to become a better, nicer person. Days off to a working stiff is like $2 to a homeless person…they’re going to guard it with their life and not share any of it with you. ALL MINE..ROOAAARR! Whatever is poor in your life, you will have less of it to give away…time, money, love, blood, etc.

Although I hate moving furniture and painting walls, if I have to only do it for a day then it’s not so bad. Better than nothing, right? I have the rest of the week to do nothing. It’s past noon though and no one has contacted me to confirm so it’s safe to say I have the rest of the day off. It’s hard to be sad about not having to maneuver couches through doorways especially on a sunny day.


Daily Prompt: Better


3 comments on “Better than….

  1. Mr.Johnsons' Wrestling Watching Cousin says:

    Hmmm friend? Maybe more like she’s Million Dollar man and you’re Virgil.


  2. dorothyadele says:

    I expected you to write that you had a better day because you helped someone.


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