Extended Welfare

A town in the province of Ontario is planning a 3 year experiment with a universal basic income of $17,000 for a single person and $24,027 for a couple per year. Some may find the idea appalling because the concept is so irregular. I don’t know if it will work but I find it interesting.  I suppose this experiment can be considered part of research and development.

Entertaining the idea of a universal basic income is entertaining the idea that there will be no jobs for a large population of society in the future. No one wants to say it but what this is all saying is that people are becoming more of a liability than an asset. Whether we were ever an asset is questionable. One way of looking at any type of social assistance is that it’s a way of keeping the wolves at bay. If you don’t give people some type of comfort then they have nothing to lose.

A common response is that this glorified welfare will just make people lazy and that they will just sit at home and do nothing. I guarantee you that some will but whether the majority will is another question. Doing nothing seems attractive when the thing you hate doing consumes most of your life. Sooner or later though, young or old, people want to do something and often something that feels purposeful. Often, the reason why many people would rather exclude themselves from society is because they feel rejected.

If not enough jobs or too many people are an issue, shouldn’t there be something done about population control? I’m sure it’s crossed people’s minds but we’re still in a stage of our culture that believes having children is essential.


Universal Childcare Program

The average Canadian is earning less compared to recent decades or at least their dollar doesn’t go as far. The imbalance is that the lifestyle has been reluctant to decline along with it.

I view the idea of having children on the same parallel as the over-consumption of meat. No longer is it a question of survival or a benefit towards society. It’s a question of just wanting to.

Canadian parents are protesting for a subsidized daycare program so that they can afford to have someone take care of their kids who will grow up to collect universal basic income. I’ve written to the government to subsidize an automobile that I can’t afford.

Who knows what the future will bring though.





5 comments on “Extended Welfare

  1. My first question is who will pay for other people’s “universal basic income”? Who will pay for other people’s subsidized day care? Will the money come from the future, as it does in the US? Debt is skyrocketing out of control in the US, with this Ponzi scheme bound to collapse sooner or later.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I’m not sure if anyone really knows how UBI will be or can be funded. My guess is they will tax the mass amount of extra revenue they hope that automation and technology will bring in. Maybe they are thinking the people on UBI will end up bettering themselves by attaining the necessary skills for better employment or volunteer their time to contribute to the social system.
      As for subsidized daycare that will just come out of current tax dollars.

      Ponzi scheme for sure. I wonder if the backup plan is to secretly release a deadly virus. But I’m hopeful there will be a better solution. Of course that’s what I need to believe.

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  2. lightpuma says:

    Canada actually is in dire need of babies right now. The rate of children per 100 adults has been steadily declining and if not balanced, it would soon lead to a major population imbalance–too many old people and not enough young ones, similar to Japan. As far as universal income goes, my brain is too fried to give any intelligent opinion about it.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Unless if there’s a shift in culture these babies are going to need jobs one day and the future of jobs is looking grim. As for old people, there will be robots soon to pick them up when they fall and to wipe their butt.


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