At the Library

There’s an old guy reading newspapers and sneezing loudly into them like a handkerchief. Every sneeze is followed by the sniffles. It would appear to be a cold but he was doing the same thing 3 weeks ago. I pity the people who have to live with him. He could be a dying man living his last days but I doubt it. He just left. The world is in danger now without a newspaper to absorb his germs and phlegm particles.

“The wheels on the bus go zoom zoom zoom. Zoom zoom zoom….”

On the other side 3-year-olds and their mothers are gathered to sing songs while the husbands are suffering at work devising schemes to hide a bit of money from each pay cheque so by the end of the year they might have enough to buy a package of beef jerky.

I once asked a guy at work what he was going to do with all his overtime money. His reply was, “you’re not married, are you?”

Behind me are students appearing to be studying thinking that they might get a job after graduation that will pay them at least $15 an hour. By the time they find one the minimum wage will be $15 an hour. That is when I will put in my application at McDonald’s.

The librarian just walked by my area and looked at me funny when she saw Jewel’s autobiography on my table.




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