Measure of Success

The true measure of success is how much better you think you are than everyone else or at the very least the people who you associate with. Yes, it is based on a comparison basis. Some might label the bench warmer of a major professional sports team unsuccessful but that bench warmer is probably more successful than 95% of people on Earth.

The cliched true measure of success is living every day of your life doing what makes you happy. I’m not saying it’s not true but it’s what everyone will tell you these days even if they’re constantly trying to fool themselves and everyone else that their life fits the mantra. To succeed means to win but most are playing not to lose.

It’s rare that people live life doing what they want since most people work very hard doing the opposite. Giving up that job you hate that sustains your place in society can feel like the equivalent to death. Hardly anyone strives and holds out for greatness. Instead, most solidify their place in hell so that they can stay warm by being close to others.

The chance you take by shooting for success is loneliness. The road to success rarely comes with an entourage. You’re stupid until you make it and especially if you don’t. To succeed greatly you must be willing to fail greatly.


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5 comments on “Measure of Success

  1. Very good thoughts. Really nailed it in the second to last paragraph!

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  2. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Well said 😃🐻

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  3. I fear many people don’t know what makes them happy. They know what “should” make them happy, but once attained, these measures often disappoint. To chunk the chains that bind their minds does require courage. They have to risk disappointing all those other people who have different ideas of what “success” or “happiness” mean.

    Yet another inspiring post. We agree on a lot.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes. And by the time they figure out what should have made them happy doesn’t, it feels like it’s too late to start over. Sometimes it is. I don’t think we can underappreciate the priority to conform. It is after all, hardwired into us. It’s difficult for many to know what makes them happy but if we’re honest we have a pretty good idea what doesn’t.

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      • Mr. J, I’ve tried to live so as to create happiness in every moment. Sometimes wallowing in misery makes me happy, but I’m learning how not to suffer. Roosters help. They are so lively and playful. At least mine are.

        I’ve always been a long-term player, following my heart in the big ways, but falling into traps over and over. The challenge is always finding a “heartfelt” way out of the traps, without compromising on principle. I have many a story to tell, over that, but I’ve lived longer than you, so have a larger portfoiio on life science. My best advice to you is “keep breathing.”

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