Borrowing Digital Media

Yesterday I was at home searching the local library database online and took more notice of its digital capabilities. Borrow a movie, ebook or audiobook? Sounded odd but after a few minutes of clicking and reading, this is possible through Hoopla which is affiliated with my local library and quite possibly yours as well.


Screenshot of my phone

I’ve been spending a day a week at the library and it’s more of a community centre than a place to borrow books. There are many people there using free internet, doing homework, reading newspapers or attending kid programs while the book aisles are empty.

Some people prefer physical books over digital ones but real books take up a lot more room, money and muscle stamina. Also, it’s easier to lay sideways reading a digital device than it is a book. I can see books becoming like vinyl records. They’re going to go away and then make a resurgence. People will buy a hard copy of the books they like and leave the other ones in the digital space. Bookphiles will argue, “there’s no other way to read.”

It might sound like a crazy transition but kids 20 years from now will hear stories of how we lived, and laugh at us. They’ll feel sorry for us when they hear our spiel about how they’re missing out by not having to physically turn the page or the feeling of giving a hardcopy to a friend.




One comment on “Borrowing Digital Media

  1. Mr.Johnsons' Still Employed Cousin says:

    I didn’t know you could borrow on line. That’s pretty cool. Another reason to stay home.


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