An Unoriginal Sunday

Took the dog to the groomer today which is located in a strip mall and was told it would be a 3 hour wait. I did the ordinary citizen thing and stuffed my face with chicken and french fries then went shopping. It’s part of the regimen that many people believe in which includes having kids and cheering for your hometown sports team to win the championship. “What else is there to life? ” they say.

I cheap splurged today using the reward points on my credit card and buying items on clearance. If the world were made up of people like myself the economy would crumble. Regular price is for fools. I want a discount on something that has already been discounted.

Over at the Canadian version of Walmart/Home Depot, I traded my points for this Money Tree. For only $20 it should pay for itself according to its name.


At the sporting goods store a hooded sweatshirt was on sale sale. Regular $45 on sale for $30 with an additional 25% off. I still didn’t want to spend the money but there’s not much of a possibility of finding one for cheaper.


At a discount retailer I bought a t-shirt for $13 and underwear on sale. The underwear was on sale because it was missing its packaging. This store is the type of store where wives go around with a shopping cart and start loading everything in there while their husbands sit on the display furniture with a look on their faces of impatience and anxiety at the same time.

With one hour left to kill/cherish I walked in to the arts and crafts store, Michaels. There was a picture frame I was kind of looking for that they had on clearance for $12, regular price of $40. I think they just jacked up the regular price to make the clearance price look like more of a deal. I would have been more accepting of $5 but I bought it anyway because it was what I wanted. I’m going to put pictures of my dog in there.


I may keep the pictures of the woman in there and say it’s my girlfriend. While I’m at it I’ll say I shot the photographs as well. And while I’m at it I’ll say they were taken in Paris.

They took longer than 3 hours to do the dog which left me hanging out at the pet store looking at everything. I was walking by the lizards while the girl was hand-feeding them. I stayed there asking her questions and started entertaining the idea of owning some leopard geckos. When you get to a certain age you start asking yourself what makes you think you won’t get sick of this new idea when you have gotten sick of everything else. The other concern was the cost of electricity to power the heat lamps. Then I read something about having to fool around with the temperature and humidity at different seasons. But I would get to tell people that I own leopard geckos and they would say, cool! Then I would get all the bitches. Like, all of them.



Bearded dragon

So I’m not sure who won today, me or capitalism. They got my money but not very much of it. It could be like the casino though. They give you free stuff and don’t mind even if you win money because they know eventually you’ll come back and they’ll get your money and your soul.


It doesn’t even look like her!


8 comments on “An Unoriginal Sunday

  1. Guess what?! I can comment again, and appreciate your feedback about my problem yesterday.

    In “Wealth of Nations,” Adam Smith noted that a penny spent buys a penny’s worth every time it changes hands. Thus, by spending a little bit on a variety of things, you are fueling the economy and a friend of capitalism, the good kind of capitalism, the common person’s kind. Nothing wrong with getting value for your money. By generating cash flow in these businesses, you are helping them, even if they make little profit on specific purchases.

    By the way, your dog looks great.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      I’m not sure how I feel about consumerism but it’s what is keeping this machine running. They want you to pay taxes and spend as much money as possible without having to take some kind of government welfare…that’s the sweet spot they want you in. I think stashing your cash under your mattress is discouraged.

      The dog says, thank you.

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  2. Lousy Minx says:

    You’d get more bitches with the bitch than with the geckos, I suspect. She is too cute! 🙂

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  3. I agree with Lousy Minx…geckos are exotic and all but I used to be a petsitter and we had to feed them live crickets, etc., snakes even worse, live mice. An adorable dog like yours is a chick magnet!


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