Why Did…..?

When I searched the internet today I typed in, “why did…” and the 3 suggestions that Google offered were…

  1. why did I get married
  2. why did ww1 start
  3. why did trump win

Google didn’t give me what I wanted until I typed the first 2 letters of the next word it correctly guessed what I was looking for. One day it’s going to be able to read our mind.

Why did I get married?

Because you’re stupid. Just kidding. Pick one of the following…love, fear, money, boredom, accidental pregnancy.

Why did ww1 start?

I learned this in grade 12 history class. Something to do with someone assassinating a political leader and something to do with a powder keg in the Balkans.

Why did Trump win?

Because life is a joke.

Are there that many people interested in WW1? Do millions of people need someone else to tell them why they got married? I suppose getting married can be like going to college after high school or getting your driver’s license when you turn 16…it just seems like the next step.



2 comments on “Why Did…..?

  1. I recently asked a divorced friend with adult children why he got married in his twenties, so young. He got divorced when his children were teenagers, and his wife took him for every cent he had, plus years of future child support and fancy college educations. His answer was that he was ‘expected’ to get married and it ‘wasn’t fair ‘to simply live with his girlfriend. But I pressed on: but why did you marry this selfish, demanding, hateful woman? His answer astounded me…’for the same reason we all get married, because we can’t do any better.’

    I never heard anyone ever say that before. So I’d have to go with reason #1: because you’re stupid.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Is “can’t do any better” in regards to a better wife or better life? I suppose sometimes it can be the same thing. I do see that mindset in some of the guys I know. But isn’t getting married in your 20s the norm?

      The only way out of a divorce like that is murder or suicide which many men in that situation think about. There’s this 67-year-old guy I know who still goes on about his divorce from 25 years ago. He thinks the courts will always side with the women.

      I think there’s fewer men that get taken through the wringer these days since more women now earn better incomes. Whether getting married and having kids is stupid or not, it’s definitely a gamble. You almost get similar odds at the casino. Instead of putting it all on red you put it all on spouse.


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