The Placebo Effect

Recently I’ve been entertaining the possibility that it’s healthier to be happy than it is to be healthy. Warren Buffett is 86 years old, eats fast food and is mostly sedentary. His two wives are dead but he’s still sharp as a nail doing televised interviews and making successful billion dollar transactions. He claims he’s lived a happy life because he lived every day doing what he wanted to do. I suppose $85 billion doesn’t hurt either.

Donald Trump is also a fast food eater because he believes, “at least you know what they put in it.” The guy is basically a 70-year-old active stand-up comedian doing more gigs than Louis C.K. When you think you’re the greatest man walking on the planet you must be pretty happy.

Apparently the placebo effect is real even though it seems as close to hocus pocus as you can get. What you believe though can be the core of your energy and spirit. I don’t believe hangovers at 40 years of age are any harder than at 20. When you’re 20 you just power through everything because you think you’re supposed to. Once the belief dies all the lights turn off with it.

Trying to counter the potential health pitfalls of my loneliness and melancholy with homemade vegetable soup and 2 hour walks might not be the path to healthy longevity. If it’s all in the mind I’m better off lying to myself(thinking positive) and eating McDonald’s.

I can see how evolution would favour those who are happy. If you’re always happy it means you’re doing the right things in life. If you’re not then the universe may want you to get sick and die since you’re already waiting to die anyway.



5 comments on “The Placebo Effect

  1. Bonsai says:

    But I’m not happy unless I’m healthy so that’s a problem. When I’m dumpy and felling the muffin rise over the top of my weekend jeans I’m am obviously not happy nor healthy. Rats.

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  2. Kelli & Jake says:

    Very interesting perspective on health! I like that you think outside of the box, I agree that the mind has a strong effect on health and well-being!


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