Optimizing Life

Tuesday afternoons I often go to the theatres to watch a discounted movie because it’s discounted and the theatre is often only at 5% of seating capacity. Without doing much research on the film I ended up watching Groundhog Day for teenagers without the comedy.

The message I took away from it was that many of us put off living a fuller life because it’s uncomfortable and/or we tell ourselves there’s lots of time. I think another message the movie was putting out was to be more compassionate and loving to everyone especially those around you but I’m ignoring that one.

Most days consist of the same routine and the same reactions to every situation. The typical life lived is to stay on a track for years sitting in the same seat, looking at the same scenery and wearing the same colour underwear until the anticipated next stop arrives in 10 years or until derailment. Many have given up or never imagined the possibilities that can arise when you create even a small anomaly in the every day algorithm.




3 comments on “Optimizing Life

  1. Reminds me of the Carlos Castaneda books, where his Yaqui guru tells him to tie the other shoe first, to break the habit of tying the same one first every morning. Obviously, the idea is that the conscious choice to do even one routine thing differently brings greater awareness.

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