The Inevitable Future


A few months ago this McDonald’s took away 3 cash registers and put a muffin/pastry display in its place. To make up for the cash registers they replaced them with 4 self-serve kiosks. I avoided using the kiosks mostly out of spite but the other week I had no cash and the lone cashier had a line so I just tried it out. After using it I concluded the only reason to not use the kiosks is to spite new technology.

The majority of people who don’t use the kiosks are teenagers who don’t have credit/debit cards and old people. Those teenagers will one day get cards and the old people are going to die. A lot of people don’t like to see what they’ve been used to their whole lives slowly dissolve to what will probably be extinction. Cash will be gone and a person taking your order will be too. When a new technology comes into existence it’s just a matter of time before it takes over the host.

30 years ago it was much more difficult for people to imagine something new taking over. When the first brick cellphones came out I don’t think many people thought everyone would one day have one and especially not the smartphone type. I think it’s easier to see now that the most likely scenario is going to be a world of self-driving vehicles, delivery drones and Skype appointments. You can choose to hate it but it’s no different than the telephone replacing the carrier pigeon or whatever it replaced. I’m sure a lot of carrier pigeons were pissed off about losing their jobs but that’s life.



One comment on “The Inevitable Future

  1. Mr.Johnsons' Agnostic Cousin says:

    Your post made me think of this line from Reverend Love Joy


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