Almost Became a Drug Dealer

Summer of 2001 and since we both recently quit our jobs we decided to hang out. Not long after he had a proposition for me…deliver crack to addicts.

By that time many of our high school mates embarked in a career of drug dealing. The story was it was a $15-20,000 month gig. Being 21 that was a mind boggling amount of money. So much so that I didn’t believe it. Having nothing to do that summer I rode around with the guy who ran the line.. The dollar amount was not an exaggeration. It was a $100 plus an hour job.

Being unambitious and having hope for life I rejected the offer. I had $7000 in the bank and wasn’t feeling that desperate to sacrifice my future. I always thought that I could make it in life by legitimate means. Besides I wanted to travel and getting in trouble with the law would have deterred that dream.

If I had taken the job I’m certain it would changed my path forever but I don’t know exactly how. Sometimes I think there’s someone out there watching over me.


5 comments on “Almost Became a Drug Dealer

  1. Drug laws raise the black market price, as well as the risk. I believe that to curtail the drug problem, we need to relax the laws, not make more of them.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      The current system doesn’t seem to be working so anything else is worth a try.

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      • The rec pot in Colorado et al. is a step in the common sense direction. Also, I like that it puts the DEA and the Fed in a quandry about how to deal with the legal drug over-the-counter money. The Feds haven’t dared challenge the rec pot states and would probably be laughed off the court now if they tried. Tee hee.

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        • MrJohnson says:

          The Trump admin seems to be declaring battle with recreational pot. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Medical marijuana is federally legal in Canada and recreational is supposed to be legal within the next couple years. In Western nations I believe it’s all a question of when and not if.

          It’s just so ridiculous how the DEA recently stated marijuana has no medical benefits therefore it remains a Schedule 1 drug.

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          • Millions of people know the DEA is wrong, so it only undermines DEA credibility to hold that position. Fact is, drug laws are a major human rights violation, although I’m the only person on the planet who sees it that way. What did people do before governments decided they had the right to control how people treat their own bodies? This most basic right is so obvious as to be invisible, but the entire world’s economy is based on drug and alcohol laws, taxes, and control.

            The “health care industry,” which works against health at every opportunity, thrives on drug laws and patents, among other things.

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