Put Food in Mouth

Comedian Louis C.K. jokes that the only thing you should be concerned about in life is putting food in your mouth. Anything more complex than that should be left for philosophers and Elon Musk types.

It might be frowned upon to be a professional fat person these days but for most of human history not being able to put food in your mouth was a real concern that many died from. For hundreds of thousands of years even dog shit with a piece of corn stuck in it was appetizing. Food shortage was such a big issue that it’s still a problem in some parts of the world.

There probably was a time when you could tell a woman that you’ll give her all the food she wants to put in her mouth and she would marry you just for that. What a simple and stress-free way to live though, if your mindset every day is to cherish the ability to put food in your mouth at almost anytime of the day. One technique to do it without becoming morbidly obese is to put small bits of food in your mouth throughout the day. That way you’re constantly engaged in this true purpose of life. One peanut every minute in a 16 hour day would consist of 960 peanuts which would equal about 5,760 calories(based on 6 calories a peanut). Hmm, that’s quite a bit. Perhaps trade peanuts for pieces of Rice Krispies cereal.


2 comments on “Put Food in Mouth

  1. I agree with him. And water, of course. In many cultures, fat was associated with wealth, because, as you say, many people were starving. Look at the animal world. They know what’s truly important.

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