Today was an exceptional day in the blogosphere for Mr. Johnson’s Blog. Someone started a thread on reddit with one of my blog posts that spiked my views to an all time high…over 700 views for one post and climbing.

Apparently there’s a movement named MGTOW…Men Going Their Own Way. I’ve only heard of this today but I think it’s a group of men who are pissed off with women because of bad relationship experience or them not being able to get a woman to love them. I’m not sure how that makes me feel.

[–]Zombocom1911 1 point 11 hours ago

Genius article full of pure truth.

[–]AcousticConfusion 1 point 9 hours ago

The job comparison was really eye opening

[–]vanets 1 point 8 hours ago

Good read 👏


[–]TheLoonyDuck 1 point 6 hours ago



I’m not sure if the comments from this particular group make me feel good or a loser. I never meant it to be an article against relationships. It was just an insight into what I think goes on in the minds of many males. Just like other posts it was meant to be part truth and part humor. It doesn’t matter though as long as people enjoy it.

Here’s the post if you want to read it…


10 comments on “MGTOW?

  1. After the Rage says:

    Well you’re entitled to your own opinion. It’s not correct, but you’re entitled to think whatever you want. I would recommend you check out the following video though titled “What is MGTOW” by Terrence Popp


    • MrJohnson says:

      That was an entertaining video with many valid points. I can’t see how I am wrong though…is that guy not pissed off because of a previous marriage? And let’s face it , many of those guys probably have difficulties getting a woman to like them so this is their way of making themselves feel better.


      • as for the previous marriage comment. what relevance does this have? I was treated poorly in divorce court. It was a systematic destruction of my rights and my rights as stated in the constitution. This was all done with the best interest of the child. An awakening is just that. If you went to the casino and lost your ass due to blatant cheating by the casino. How eager would you be to go back? I am betting on “no fucken way”

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        • MrJohnson says:

          The original commenter said my opinion on MGTOW was wrong. Although he didn’t state exactly how I figured it was in regards to why men join such a movement. My point was that a bad marriage/divorce is often the reason for becoming part of MGTOW.


          • mikekto says:

            I can’t say you’re wrong you just don’t know the situation. Red pill rage is temporary for most MGTOW. People pay attention to the loudest people in a group.


        • mikekto says:

          From what I know Terrence pop was told he was told he is a murder. This man has served for his country to protect the constitution. It’s bad enough to go through the crap when fighting a war. But added to it go get treated by total dog shit by the government is going overboard.


      • mikekto says:

        Some men are going through red pill rage. That’s not angry at women though they are angry there were lied to. Also society, the government and media is anti male. When you find out the truth it you have red pill rage.
        I only get pissed off stupid idiots repeat the same shit over and over again without doing any kind of research.
        The best way to get over red pill rage is learn about female nature. Women are just like children. They don’t want to be held accountable for their action. In end of the day women have more power over men because they use the government which proxy violence.
        Feminism is so bad in Canada that I decided not to marry 31 years ago.


  2. Seth Rich says:

    His name was Seth Rich.


  3. Magyar MGTOW says:

    Life is just too short to slave away for an ungrateful female.


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