Being Alone

Being alone is probably the greatest fear of all. Centuries of hardwiring tells us being alone is the last thing you want. If putting food in your mouth is all there is to life, for the longest time you needed people to help you do that. 21st century life is full of gadgets and security but we’re all running on primitive wiring.

If you like going out to restaurants to dine and you find it impossible to do it alone then you’re always going to be a slave to people to some degree. I never realized it until recently but the reason I am able to live a mostly solitary life is because I can do things alone. I eat out alone, go to the movie theatres alone and even travel overseas alone. If I wasn’t able to do this then life would be totally different for me. Some call me weird and others call me independent.

What most people want is to neither be alone or always with people but unfortunately it’s difficult to have both. Separating from the tribe is an evolved way to be, I think. Tribes produce monkey behaviour no matter what age.



3 comments on “Being Alone

  1. What is becoming true more and more with each passing time is that I’ve nothing much left to say to anybody around me here (where I live) anymore. As one gets older, as in my case, the loneliness of being alone is a hundred times bearable than forced interaction and enduring the company of people whom I’ve nothing in common with.


    • MrJohnson says:

      I see interaction with people who I have not much connection with like I do alcohol…a little is okay but too much doesn’t feel good. Unfortunately I feel that I often require at least a little bit of human interaction.


      • Same here. As I advance in years, (as a social being) I’ve no more qualms engaging in small talk to relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. But spending my precious time 🙂 with people who don’t share the same interests with me just feels hollow and devoid of quality.

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